Recumbent trike for Bert after winning Postcode Loterij

Former triathlete Bert can cycle again after he suffered brain damage from a cardiac arrest 7 years ago. 'Despite my stability problem, I can cycle beautifully again.'

Man buys recumbent trike easy sport after cash prize postcode loterij
Photo: Postcode Loterij

Cash prize enriches life

Seven years ago, Bert suffered a cardiac arrest after swimming. The former triathlete eventually spent 10 days in a coma and suffered brain damage. Because of this, he was unable to play sports as before.

'It is a beautiful, handmade bicycle'

At the Postcode Loterij (a Dutch national lottery), Bert recently won €10,000. Among other things, he used this money to buy a recumbent trike. 'I am very happy with it, because such a bike gets you outside and you get to see something. It is a beautiful, handmade bicycle and despite my stability problem I can cycle beautifully on it', says Bert in an article from the Postcode Loterij.

Cycling on the Easy Sport recumbent trike
The Easy Sport recumbent trike

Cycling on the Easy Sport recumbent trike

With the prize money, Bert bought the Easy Sport recumbent trike from Van Raam. This is an ideal bike for sporty people who also like comfort. Thanks to the understeer, your back, neck, shoulders and wrists are less stressed.

Other benefits of the Easy Sport

  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Suspension for added comfort
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Adjustable length
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van raam bicycles for cycling with a brain disorder
The Easy Go scooter bike also allows people to continue cycling independently.

Cycling with a brain disorder

The Easy Sport recumbent trike makes it possible for Bert to continue cycling independently. Van Raam has several bikes that make cycling with a brain disorder possible, both independently and together with someone. Find out which bikes these are in the article 'Cycling with a brain disorder'. Here you can also read some experiences of people with a brain disorder who are able to cycle on an adapted bicycle.

More information?

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