Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam


Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam

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Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam

The renewed parts of the sportive Easy Sport recumbent trike ensure that not only the frame length can be adjusted more easily, but you also get improved riding characteristics. Read more about all these innovations on the Easy Sport recumbent trike.

Modifications to the Easy Sport recumbent trike

The updated Easy Sport recumbent trike for adults has a low entry level and cycles very easily. Read more about all the changes and adjustments Van Raam has made on the Easy Sport here below.

Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam

Improved riding characteristics of the Easy Sport

Because of the following adjustments the Easy Sport has improves riding characteristics.

  • The Easy Sport has enhanced suspension, which makes riding even more comfortable especially on uneven ground. Likewise, the suspension is now also in the rear swing arm like the Easy Rider.

  • The ergonomics has been improved by raising the handlebar higher by 5 cm higher.

  • The Easy sport is now equipped with round clamps on the back of the seat instead of rectangular clamps. This increases the comfort as you are sitting and leaning into your backrest.

Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam Improved riding characteristics

Improved length adjustment for the recumbent trike

The following adjustment makes it easier to adjust the length of the Easy Sport recumbent bike to your height.
The frame alignment is more clear due to the placement of a sticker on the front frame and a laser line on the rear frame. That way you can see if the frame is straight.

Furthermore, the Chain range has increased, and there are now clamps attached to the frame instead of soldering which keeps the tubes round, this makes sliding the frame in and out much easier.
A boundary ensures that you can't completely detach the front from the rear frames too easily.

Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam Improved length adjustment

The Easy Sport brings better riding and adjusting characteristics.

New modern stickers

Next to the better riding characteristics and the improves adjustment of the length the Easy Sport recumbent trike also had new and modern stickers where it says “Easy Sport” at the front of the frame and “Van Raam” on the centre of the frame. At the front of the bike you can see our new Van Raam head badge.

Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam new modern stickers

Easy Sport recumbent bike video

Have a look at the Easy Sport in action in the video below.

Other advantages of the Easy Sport that remain

Of course there are unique characteristics and advantages to the recumbent bike that are (still) in full force and effect. See in the following the advantages of the Easy Sport recumbent bike.

  • Sporty and comfortable seat with back support
  • Less back neck shoulder and wrist pressure due to sporty under steer
  • Can pass through a normal door
  • Suspension provides extra comfort
  • Easy to get on and off due to a unique bike frame
  • Adjustable in length
  • You don’t have to get off the bike when stopping

Do you want to see more about the Easy Sport take a look on the product page.

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Electric recumbent trike

If you choose the optional and award-winning electric pedal assist, the recumbent bike will be delivered as a Smart E-Bike. That allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and smart E-Bike from the distance. For example, you can use the app to view your cycling routes and change your cycling settings.Read more about the Van Raam Smart E-Bike on our Van Raam App page.

Advantages of a Van Raam E-Bike:

  • Smart E-Bike with smartphone app
  • It's simple to use
  • 3 support modes + starting aid/launch control
  • An almost noiseless but powerful and safe electric motors
  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • Personal adjustable support
  • Cycling forwards and backwards 

Do you want to see more about the pedal support take a look on the pedal support page.

View e-bike

Renewed recumbent Electric trike Easy Sport from Van Raam
Easy Sport under-steering with Smart Display

More options for the Easy Sport recumbent trike

Van Raam offers many options next to the electric pedal support that can simplify and increase your cycling experience on the Easy Sport recumbent bike. Mostly people chose next to the E-Bike an 8 speed freewheel, a mirror or two and a stick holder. You can also choose other colours next to the default colour combination (RAL 9005) Jet black matt with (RAL 9016) Traffic white. Or choose for a different sitting. So are you interested to see what other options are available? Check them out on our options page or take a look at our online configurator. Here you can easily assemble your Easy Sport trike. In simple steps you can choose all desired options and accessories that can be added to your Easy Sport.

Configurate Easy Sport

Renewed recumbent trike Easy Sport from Van Raam More options

Purchasing the Easy Sport

With the Easy Sport recumbent trike, you can make a free test drive (with an appointment) at Van Raam in Varsseveld or Treuchtlingen. During this consultation a technical advisor will be available for you, and you will receive an offer without engagement, with which you can order the Easy Sport trike at a Van Raam dealer.Please see the Easy Sport price list for the expected delivery time. It is also possible to make a test drive at some Van Raam dealers. Please contact your local dealer and ask about the possibilities.

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Test winner - Did you know that?

The Norwegian government has had the Van Raam Easy Sport recumbent tricycle tested next to the Kettwiesel E and H by Hase, the Trigo D by Hase and the Relax by Draisin by an independent commission. At the end the Easy Sport tricycle came out asthe winner after all the evaluations and recumbent bike tests. Read more in our article: “Van Raam Easy Sport recumbent bike chosen as test winner

Test winner

Van Raam Easy Sport test winner by norwegian government


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