Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique riding characteristics Video


Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique riding characteristics Video

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Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique riding characteristics Video

Van Raam is specialized in adapted bicycles. This includes various types of tricycles like the recumbent Easy Sport. The Easy Sport recumbent is a popular and sporty tricycle. It has unique riding characteristics that make this recumbent especially distinctive. Read more in this article about the unique riding characteristics of the Easy Sport and watch our video which reflects the riding experience.

Video: The Easy Sport recumbent bike

Watch this video to see the unique riding characteristics of the Easy Sport recumbent bike.

Unique features of the Easy Sport

The recumbent Easy Sport is a tricycle for adults from the Van Raam product range. It is characterized by many special features and was therefore also chosen in the tender of Norway and as test winner. Read more about the unique features below.

1. Sporty and safe riding comfort

The Easy Sport offers you a forward pedaling movement. In combination with the suspension in the frame, it ensures perfect riding comfort even in sportier riding conditions. Because you sit close to the rear wheels, you have a safer and more stable ride while cycling. The existing parking brake makes sure that the recumbent remains stable while you get on and off the bike.

Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique riding characteristics sporty and safe driving comfort

2. Special under steering of the recumbent

The handlebars of the recumbent bike are under the seat. You can reach it easily by keeping your hands relaxed. This position relieves your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

3. A unique bicycle frame

The Easy Sport has a bicycle frame that makes it easy for you to get on the bike because the access is low. This also gives you a different center of gravity. The center of gravity of the recumbent bike is also lower, which gives you a stable and low seating position. Interested in knowing what material a Van Raam bicycle is made of? Read the article: "What bicycle material is a Van Raam bicycle made of"

Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique riding characteristics Video

4. A comfortable individual seat

The seat of the Easy Sport recumbent is extremely comfortable. The tricycle has the comfort seat as standard. This is a chair with a comfortable seat and a special backrest. Because the seat as well as the backrest can be adjusted separately and can be adapted to your needs. The backrest can be individually adjusted by means of the Velcro fastener on the back of the backrest. Read more about the backrest of the Easy Rider and Easy Sport in the article "How do I adjust the seat on the Easy Sport tricycle".

Recumbent bike Easy Sport unique driving characteristics Video portable seat

5. Smart E-Bike

The Easy Sport can also be equipped as an electric bicycle with pedal support, just like almost every bicycle from Van Raam. The pedal assistance can help you when you don't have enough power yourself or when you want to cover longer distances.

The pedal support system is specially developed for and by Van Raam. The award-winning system is characterized by its ease of use, the possibility to ride backwards and the possibility to program the support individually, display danger routes in the app and much more.

Smart Bike

Learn more about the test winner Easy Sport!

Take a look at the Easy Sport recumbent's product page to see our 3D photos, read customer experiences, download the price list and learn more.

Easy Sport

Customize it individually

Would you like to know what options and accessories are available for the recumbent Easy Sport? Visit our configurator! All selected options are listed directly on the page in the configuration overview and can be removed if desired. You will get a direct overview of how much the assembled bike will cost.

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