Diederik has travelled many thousands of  miles on the Easy Rider tricycle with pedal assistance

More than 3000 miles per year on the Easy Rider tricycle

For anyone who has often visited our social media already saw one of more pictures of Diederik Wierenga. Diederik has traveled many thousands of miles on the Easy Rider tricycle with pedal assistance.

In 2009 Diederik had a stroke. From that moment the right-side of his body is weaker than the left-side and his balance is permanently disrupted. During his rehabilitation in the rehabilitation center Diederik became acquainted with the Van Raam special needs bikes.

In 2010 Diederik gets his first Easy Rider supported by the Dutch law  ‘’Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning’’ (Social Support Act). With his first Easy Rider Diederik cycled more than 3700 miles in 6 years. With his second Easy Rider Diederik cycled in 2 years more than 6200 miles. Recently he has bought himself a new Easy Rider with electric support for many bike rides again. 

Diederik in the media

Diederik gets a lot of attention with his bike. An overview: 2013: The magazine ‘Zonnebloem’, a magazine for people with physical disabilities, made a nice report about adults riding on a tricycle. One of the users was the then 38-year-old Diederik. He said that the Easy Rider gives him a lot of freedom back and that he ‘feels free like a bird’ with his Easy Rider. In 2014 Diederik cycled more than 620 miles in a month to get attention for the Dutch Raisin Hope Foundation (RHF). In 2015 Diederik took part in a cycle event. He cycled 4 days in a row 25 miles.

Diederik about this tricycle 

That Diederik is happy with his tricyle must be clear: “Exercise is a very important way to improve yourself. With ABI (acquired brain injury) exercise is not always possible, but an aid can help. For me is the Easy Ride tricycle much more than that. It has given me meaning of live and the feeling of freedom. Despite my limitations I can, thanks to the Easy Rider, be part of the society and I will not sit pathetic at home.

Movement makes happy, and with the Easy Rider success is guaranteed”.

at the bike shop in his howetown Norg
Facebookpost from Diederik: Super happy with the new Easy Rider

2016: A new Easy Rider with pedal assistance

In December 2016 Diederik seated on his new matt blue Easy Rider tricycle with electric pedal assistance (Silent HT Engine) and 24.8 AH battery at the bike shop in his hometown Norg. 

Diederik on the Easy Rider tricycle

On his own  blog Diederik writes: 

“Today I picked up my new Easy Rider at the bike shop in Norg. I chose the blue color instead of the standard green color. After more than 15500 miles on an Easy Rider the only logical choice was to buy a new Easy Rider. With this bike I hope cycle a lot of miles again. Freedom and happiness with this bike, I can go anywhere and enjoy the ride. ”

Diederik on the Easy Rider tricycle

We wish Diederik a lot of fun and safe miles with his new Easy Rider tricycle!