Looking to maintain mobility? Check out these adapted bikes!

Cycling is healthy, good for the environment, and provides a sense of freedom. But what if riding a traditional two-wheel bike becomes increasingly difficult, or even impossible? With an adapted bike from Van Raam, you can stay mobile for longer.

Van Raam: Manufacturer of adapted bikes

Van Raam is a manufacturer of adapted bicycles. Our range includes various types of tricycles, tandems, transport bikes, and more! With all these different bikes, we want to ensure that everyone can feel the wind in their hair (again).

Stay mobile with a Van Raam Balance low entry bike

Cycling on the low-entry Balance bicycle

If you can still ride a traditional two-wheel bike but want extra security while cycling, the Balance low step trough bike is a good option. With this bike, you can always have both feet on the ground, so you don't have to completely dismount when you come to a stop.

Stay mobile with a Van Raam tricycle

Stay mobile with a Van Raam tricycle

As the name suggests, a tricycle is a bike with three wheels. With three wheels, you don't have to maintain your balance, providing a sense of stability and extra safety while cycling. You can remain independent and mobile for longer with a tricycle. Van Raam has different types of tricycles in our range for both children and adults. Check them all out here: All Van Raam Tricycles

Maintain mobility with the Van Raam Easy Go mobility scooter bike

A mobility scooter bike to stay mobile

The Easy Go mobility scooter bike is a combination of a bike and a mobility scooter. If you can still ride short distances, but can't manage longer distances due to low energy levels, this is a great solution. You can easily switch between cycling and driving the Easy Go as a mobility scooter.

Stay mobile with a Van Raam tandem

Stay mobile together with a tandem or side-by-side tandem

When cycling alone is no longer possible, but you still want to go on bike rides, you can do so with one of Van Raam's tandems or the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem. Van Raam has different tandems, both with two and three wheels, for both parent-child tandems and tandems for two adults. On the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem, you sit next to each other, with one person steering and both people pedaling. Sitting next to each other allows for good communication during the ride. Which makes cycling inot only healthy but also very enjoyable!

Maintain mobility with the Van Raam City walking aid

The City walking aid for when walking becomes difficult

If walking becomes challenging, the City walking aid is a solution. The walking bike relieves the hips, knees, and ankles, making walking much easier, and enabling you to cover longer distances.

Want to maintain mobility with an adapted bike?

To determine which bike is right for you, you can take a free test ride at Van Raam. Do you have other questions? We are happy to answer them. Contact us via: