Herre and Jesper cycling on an Van Raam tandem to Morocco

They are incredibly popular on TikTok: friends Herre and Jesper. In daily updates, they share their adventure of cycling from Groningen to Morocco (Netherlands) on a Van Raam tandem.

friends on van raam twinny tandem to morocco
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On the tandem to Morocco

The idea of cycling to Morocco on a tandem came from an old song they heard by Armand, "Op de tandem naar Marokko" (On the tandem to Morocco). The two friends found it amusing to actually cycle to Morocco. Their bike trip starts in May 2023, and they share it through videos on TikTok. The daily updates are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Accommodation and food

The boys have a tent with them for overnight stays, but they prefer to sleep at people's homes along the way. Due to a limited budget, they rely mostly on energy bars and peanut butter for sustenance. Their humorous travel diary on TikTok has captured the hearts of many people. In the comments on their videos, suggestions are made for the boys to raise money for accommodations and food. Herre and Jesper express that they want to give it a try on their own first, but may consider creating a Tikkie link in the future for people to donate.

Calling Van Raam for assistance on the tandem to morocco
Screenshot TikTok MetdetandemnaarMarokko

Calling Van Raam for assistance

The friends embarked on their journey unprepared. Along their route through Belgium, they encounter obstacles such as fences, and the boys also struggle with fixing punctured tires. After failing to repair the flat tire, they call Van Raam for advice. Van Raam suggests using a wheel from a mountain bike as an alternative. After changing the tire, they continue their journey towards Morocco.

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Van Raam Twinny on the tandem to morocco

Van Raam Twinny tandem

The bike trip to Morocco is done on an old Van Raam Twinny tandem. This tandem with a low step-through design provides more space between both seats than the average tandem. One person steers and brakes, while both can pedal. The main rider can optionally adjust the passenger's pedaling mode. With the Twinny, you have a high seating position, providing both cyclists with a good overview.

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