Fun2Go for residential home - from production to delivery

Read, watch and follow the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike in this article and video through the production process until delivery to a residential home in Utrecht. Find out even more about this special bike and how the Edwin van der Sar Foundation was able to support the purchase.

Video: Van Raam Fun2Go - from the production to delivery

Watch the video below to see the steps the Fun2Go went through in the Van Raam production. This is followed by impressions of the delivery in Utrecht with the Edwin von der Sar Foundation and the dealer Vegro.

The production of the Fun2Go duo bike

As a manufacturer, we produce adapted bikes like the Fun2Go in our factory in Varsseveld. Each bicycle goes through the following steps in production:

  • In the production department (from 0:08) steel tubes are processed, which ultimately form the bicycle frame. The tubes are machined and the welding robot welds them together. Everything is also checked again by hand and adjusted if necessary.

  • In the blasting unit (from 0:20) the frame is blasted with iron grit. This acts as a kind of peeling: unevenness is removed and it is made free of acid and grease.

  • Then (from 0:26) the bicycle is given an environmentally friendly powder coating in the paint shop. Every Van Raam bicycle can be powder coated in (almost) any colour. Read more in the article about powder coating and colour choice. Afterwards, the stickers are also applied here.  

  • In the assembly department (from 0:44) the Fun2Go is assembled step by step in a line assembly.

  • Finally (from 1:10), the bike is subjected to a quality control check and, after approval, sent to the dealer. Read more about quality control in our article "Video quality control of a Van Raam bicycle".  

Residential home in Utrecht receives a duo bike from the Edwin van der Sar Foundation and NHA
Sander and Anne-Marie van der Sar

The Fun2Go duo bike for a residential home in Utrecht

It all started with the married couple Anjanee and Sander. In 2017, Sander had to move to the De Ingelanden residential home in Utrecht due to a brain tumour. This was very difficult for Anjanee and Sander, "but luckily he often forgets what's really wrong with him and has happy moments too." So she tells the Dutch newspaper AD.

One of those moments is exercise and cycling. They often use the Fun2Go duo bike for this. However, the current bike is a bit older and the care centre would like to buy a new one. The Fun2Go can then be used by all residents.

"One of those happy moments for him is exercise and cycling."
Residential home in Utrecht receives a duo bike from the Edwin van der Sar Foundation
Sander and Anne-Marie van der Sar and Vegro

Purchase of the Fun2Go adapted bike

For this reason, Anjanee decided to start a crowdfunding campaign together with the care centre. She also asked for a contribution from the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. They supported the purchase with 3,500 euros. Within the first 24 hours of the crowdfunding campaign, the amount had been collected.

Through the Edwin van der Sar Foundation partner Vegro, which is also a Van Raam dealer, this adapted bike was ordered in the special orange Edwin van der Sar colour. This is how the production process and delivery began, as you can see in the video above. Want to learn more about how to raise money for a special bike? Then read our tips to raise money for a customised bike.

Residential home in Utrecht receives fun2go duo bike from the Edwin van der Sar Foundation
Sander and Anne-Marie van der Sar

Why a Fun2Go for the residential home?

The Fun2Go duo bike is a three-wheeled tandem where you sit side by side. One person has complete control, steering and braking. However, both people can pedal. Due to the seating position, both people have a good view of the road as well as the surroundings and can easily communicate with each other. This makes the Fun2Go a popular bicycle for care facilities.

Each Fun2Go duo bike can be equipped with many options and accessories. So that it is completely tailored to your needs. The bicycle delivered to this residential home has, among other things, a pedal support, armrests and footrests.

Read more about the Fun2Go duo bike on the product page

More about the Fun2Go
Edwin van der Sar Foundation and the Van Raam Fun2Go

Edwin van der Sar Foundation and the Van Raam Fun2Go

The Edwin van der Sar Foundation was established after Edwin van der Sar finished his active career as a professional footballer. The Edwin van der Sar Foundation aims to help people with brain damage to get their lives back on track. Edwin and his wife Anne-Marie, who was also present at the delivery, made a conscious decision about the purpose of their foundation. As Annemarie experienced a stroke herself in 2009 and has seen how far-reaching the impact of brain damage can be. Since the start of the foundation, many Van Raam Fun2Go duo bikes have been delivered. The bike is produced at Van Raam in a special limited edition and powder coated in the recognisable orange colour of the Edwin van der Sar Foundation.  

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