Easy Go 3 wheel scooter for elderly

The Van Raam Easy Go is an ideal 3 wheel scooter bike for the elderly. The Easy Go is multifunctional and can be used in three different modes. Read more about the possibilities of the Easy Go in this article.

Van Raam Easy Go 3 wheel scooter for elderly

Van Raam 3 wheel electric scooter for elderly

The Easy Go is an (electric) 3 wheel bike and a mobility scooter in one. While riding, you can easily switch between the three modes:

  1. Cycling completely on your own,
  2. cycling with pedal assist,
  3. or riding in mobility scooter mode.

While cycling with electric pedal assist, you can use three support levels. In addition, it is always possible to cycle/ride forwards as well as backwards. In the mobility scooter mode, you can let your feet rest on the retractable footrest. 'The Easy go 3 wheel scooter is ideally suited for seniors with varying energy levels, as it is easy to switch between the three modes. Seniors can continue to cycle on the Easy Go. When this becomes too tiring, they can easily switch to the mobility scooter mode. In this way, they can stay mobile longer.

Video: Easy Go scooter bike in three modes:

Watch the 3 different modes of the Easy Go scooter bike in the video below.

Benefits off Easy Go 3 wheel electric scooter for elderly

Benefits of the Easy Go

The Easy Go is stable, compact, and easily manoeuvrable. The bike is therefore very well suitable for doing groceries. You have an upright position due to the comfortable seat. Other important benefits are:

  • Bike, Smart E-Bike, and mobility scooter in one
  • More compact than a mobility scooter
  • Both forward and reverse cycling and driving
  • Anti-tilt wheels and parking brake for increased safety
  • No driving license or certificate needed


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Options for Easy Go 3 wheel scooter for elderly

Options for the 3 wheel scooter for elderly

The Easy Go 3 wheel electric scooter bike for elderly comes standard with pedal support. It is possible to adapt the Easy Go to your needs by choosing additional options. The most popular options for the 3 wheel mobility scooter are: 

  • Extra battery pack or battery with a higher capacity for an increased range
  • One-hand operated lock
  • Foldable armrests
  • Direction indicator lights
  • XL comfort seat

View all options on the Options page.

Options page
Van Raam Easy Go 3 wheel scooter for seniors

Configure your own Easy Go scooter bike

Would you like to configure your own Easy Go 3 wheel scooter for elderly? This is possible in the online configurator of Van Raam! In a few easy steps you can configure the Easy Go scooter bike which meets your wishes. All selected options are immediately visible in the configurator in the overview on the page. You can also see what the chosen configuration would cost. Read more about the configurator in the article ‘Put together your own Van Raam bike with the bike configurator’.

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Customer reviews of the 3 wheel scooter for seniors

Are you curious about what others think of the Van Raam Easy Go? Then read below some experiences with the 3 wheel scooter for seniors.

Easy Go scooter bike

"My name is Anita. Because of my muscle rheumatism, cycling on my electric bike didn't work anymore and I became isolated. The Easy Go scooter bike gives me back control of my life."

Anita Vis - Woerden

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Easy Go scooter bike

"When they discovered I have Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, I already had an e-bike for several years. Because my strength and energy continued to decrease, cycling became unsafe and I became insecure."

Ankie van den Bosch - Noord-Holland

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Easy Go scooter bike

"After I received my Easy Go, I first took cycling lessons with an occupational therapist before I went cycling on the road. I can certainly recommend this. I now enjoy cycling!"

Natascha van Leeuwen - Tubbergen

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