Cycling with a unique Van Raam bike with two wheels

Van Raam is specialised in special needs bicycles. These can be tricycles, but also tandems, wheelchair bikes, a scooter bike or a double rider cycle. Many of these bikes have three or more wheels, but Van Raam also has bikes with two wheels. Read more about cycling on Van Raam's unique two-wheeled bicycles here and see the advantages and user experiences.

Cycling with a unique Van Raam bike with two wheels Balance and City
The low entry bike Balance and walking aid City are Van Raam bikes with two wheels

Difference between Van Raam two-wheeled bikes and tricycles

If you no longer manage to cycle on a standard two-wheel bike, you will look for an alternative. This alternative can be an adaptive bicycle. It's up to you what kind of adaptive bike is suitable for you. If you have trouble keeping your balance, a tricycle might be a bike that suits you. On a tricycle, you cycle very differently than on a two-wheeler, so this requires some practice. On a bike with two wheels, it is important that you are able to keep your balance yourself. A modified (electric) bike with two wheels may be an option if cycling on a regular (electric) bike is no longer possible. A special needs bike with two wheels is unique because of, for example, a low entry, a specially developed frame or the possibility to adjust the bike to your wishes.

Van Raam's tandems are used to enjoy cycling together. Because of the low step-in and the various options, the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently. Van Raam has tandems with two wheels, but also with three wheels. On a tandem with three wheels it is easier to keep your balance, in fact, you always remain stable in an upright position. However, a three-wheel tandem is very different from a two-wheel tandem. If you are still able to keep your balance together, then a two-wheel tandem is the solution.

On the walking aid City you do not make a standard cycling movement, but a walking movement. The walking aid is a two-wheeled tandem that is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing for long periods of time. A wheelchair is not yet necessary and a walker is not preferred. Because this bike has two small wheels instead of three, it is very manoeuvrable and compact.

Types of bikes with two wheels

The different two-wheelers of Van Raam are:

The unique Balance two wheeler Balance low entry bike by Van Raam
The Van Raam Balance low entry bike

Low entry bike Balance

The Balance is a low entry bike that is also available with pedal support. This bike can be used if you have difficulty getting on a bike. Because of the low entry the leg hardly needs to be lifted anymore. The unique frame ensures that you can always put both feet flat on the ground, without stepping off. This allows you to keep your balance at, for example, the traffic lights. Watch a video of the Balance in the article 'Video: Balance low step through e-bike'.

The advantages of the Balance:

  • Low entry / low step through
  • Always with two feet on the ground without getting off
  • Unique ergonomically designed seating
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Van Raam tandems are unique two-wheelers
The Van Raam tandem Kivo

Tandems Twinny and Kivo

The Twinny tandem is a two-wheeled tandem suitable for adults. Because of the optional accessories, such as foot fixation, a backrest or a mirror, the tandem can be tailored to your personal preferences.

The Kivo tandem is a child parent tandem. On this tandem, a child can sit at the front of the tandem and a parent or attendant at the back of the tandem, the attendant controls the tandem. The child has a good view of the surroundings and the adult has a good view of the child. This tandem can also be expanded with all kinds of options. Watch a video of the tandems in the article 'Video tandems for children and adults'.

The advantages of the two-wheeled tandems are:

  • Low entry
  • Customizable with various options and accessories, such as pedal support.
  • With the Twinny there is a choice between a divisible frame and front or rear steering.
  • The Kivo has a standard freewheel switch, which allows the main driver to adjust the co-driver's way of cycling.
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Van Raam walking aid City is a unique two-wheeler
The Van Raam walking aid City

Walking aid City

The walking aid City is a walker support that is used as an aid for adults who have difficulty standing or walking for a long time. With this bike your body weight is carried by the saddle, which relieves joints and makes walking very smooth. Watch a video and more about the City in the article 'Instruction video City walking aid for adults'.

The advantages of the walking aid:

  • Relieves joints, making walking less difficult
  • Low entry
  • Easily foldable, easy to take with you
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User experiences

Read the experiences of users of Van Raam two-wheelers here.

City Walking aid

" I have MS but can still walk well. Still, I was curious about aids that can ensure that I can walk even further. For this reason I have tested the City walking aid."

Jackie Zimmerman - USA

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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City Walking aid

"What is the City walking aid a fantastic help! He can even walk on the mudflats, if you stay on the hard surface."

Marion Bartels - The Wadden Sea

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Balance low step through bike

"I am Paula Brommer (47) from Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Despite my height (4.7 ft), asthma and fibromyalgia I would like to stay active and enjoy bike rides on my Balance low step through bike."

Paula Brommer - Heerenveen

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Balance low step through bike

"I am Albert Smit (78) and I need an adaptive bike for my heart and lung complaints. I was not able to cycle anymore, due to breathlessness."

Albert Smit - Vaassen (the Netherlands)

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Twinny tandem

"He is super happy that he can cycle again! what a nice bike 😬😍"

Danielle Felling-Claessen - Maastricht

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Make a testride with a two-wheeler at Van Raam in Varsseveld

Trying out a bike with two wheels

In our showroom in Varsseveld it is possible to try out these two wheelers without any obligation. A technical advisor will help you choose the bike that suits you best. On our test track it is possible to make a test ride. Afterwards, you will receive an offer, which you can take with you to a Van Raam dealer without any obligation Not in the area? Contact a dealer in your area to discuss the possibilities.

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Put your own low entry two wheeler Van Raam Balance bike together

Put together your own two-wheeler

With the online configurator it is possible to put together your own bike. Configuring your bike is done in a few easy steps. You choose a bike of your choice and you can expand it with all kinds of options, such as pedal support or a nice colour. Or you can expand your bike with accessories such as a mirror, stick holder or foot fixations After the configuration you get the complete configuration in your mail.

Configure a two-wheeler