Cycling with a lung condition

Our lungs are essential, because they allow us to breathe. With healthy lungs, breathing starts automatically, so you would almost forget how important the lungs are. Yet for a lot of people it is not guaranteed that they will be able to breathe normally. Because of a lung disease it is not always possible for these people to do the things they actually want to do. In some cases, aids offer a solution. In this article you can read about the possibilities of adapted bicycles for people with lung disease.

Cycling with a lung sickness

Cycling with asthma

Every year on the first Tuesday of May Asthma is commemorated during World Asthma Day. The theme of this day is to raise awareness about asthma and to improve the care and treatment possibilities for people with asthma. The lungs of people with asthma react very sensitively to stimuli, such as house dust mites, exhaust fumes, smoke or pets. People with an asthma attack can breathe in or out much less air than usual.
In addition to pulmonary asthma, there are many other pulmonary diseases. These include COPD, tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis. Although these diseases can occur in different ways, they all have the effect that people with breathing problems and / or have problems with breathing. 

The following solutions may offer a solution in the field of mobility.

Tricycle adults for lung disease

Adapted Bikes for lung diseases

As a manufacturer of adapted bicycles, Van Raam makes bicycles for people with a disability and for people who can no longer or dare to cycle on a traditional two-wheeler. It also happens that we make bicycles for people with lung disease. 

There are several possibilities to continue cycling despite a lung disease. For example, our pedal assistance helps you while pedaling and ensures that you can still move with little effort. The pedal assistance can then also be operated with the Van Raam cycling app and different bike positions can be selected. 

If you like to walk, but a normal walk costs you too much energy and air? With Van Raam's City walking aid, walking requires less effort and it becomes easier to cover longer distances. 

Do you have a very variable condition and energy level due to a lung disease? Then the mobility scooter Easy Go might offer a solution. With this bike it is possible to cycle as well as mobility scooters. This makes this bike suitable for people with varying energy levels. This way you can cycle the way there and turn on the mobility scooter mode on the way back. 

In addition to the City walking aid and Easy Go mobility scooter, we also have other tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems and Side-by-side Tandems that can offer a solution for people with lung disease. Are you interested or would you like to know more about the possibilities of our custom bikes? Then schedule a free test ride with one of our technical advisors. 

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Tips for keeping your lungs healthy

Healthy lungs are essential. From birth, your lungs provide oxygen. So that your heart keeps beating and your brain keeps working. Here are a few tips to help you keep your lungs healthy. 

Tip 1:  Make sure you get enough exercise every day

In order to stay healthy and maintain your condition, it is wise to exercise for half an hour at least five days a week. This can be done by doing sports, a walk or a bike ride. This way you get a better condition and stronger lungs. We, as a bicycle manufacturer, can of course recommend this.


Tip 2: provide fresh air

Fresh air is very important. Make sure you get enough fresh air per day. For example, open your windows every day for half an hour so that the fresh air can flow in properly. In addition, a visit to the fresh air also helps a lot. Bike or walk around the block.


Tip 3: recognise problems on time

If you are regularly out of breath or have been suffering from coughing for a longer period of time, it may be wise to go to your doctor with these symptoms instead of continuing with them.

Experiences with cycling with a lung disease?

Are you or do you know someone with lung disease who uses a modified bicycle? Then we would like to hear about his/her experiences! These experiences give us the opportunity to keep optimizing our products, potential end users can read other people's cycling experiences and these experiences in combination with the cycling information give a good impression of our customized bikes.

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