Diederik with his electric tricycle
Diederik with his Easy Rider tricycle (source: De Krant Nieuws)

Cycling through the Netherlands with a brain injury

In 2009, the now 43-year-old Diederik Wierenga had a cerebral infarction. Through his rehabilitation center Diederik was informed about the Easy Rider tricycle.

Diederik is so happy with his bike that he has participated in a Dutch four day cycle tour for the past six years. Where he nowadays cycles 60 kilometers per day. In 2014 he raised money for the Raisin Hope Foundation by cycling 1000 kilometers in one month.

In May 2018 Diederik will ride his Easy Rider tricycle for ‘Hersenletsel On Tour’, a Dutch organization that raises money for those affected brain injury.

Hersenletsel On Tour

This year, ‘Hersenletsel On Tour’ will take place in the Dutch provinces Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen. The tour passes several rehabilitation centers and hospitals. Approximately 40 people will cycle along during 'Hersenletsel On Tour'. During the tour participants can participate with their own bike, but adapted bicycles are also available for people without their own bike. With the money that is collected with ‘Hersenletsel On Tour’, bicycles and walking aids for rehabilation can be purchased. Also with this trip, attention is being asked for various brain injuries.

Cycling with the Easy Rider tricycle

Diederik likes to cycle on his Easy Rider tricycle, with which he can improve his condition and become even better at cycling. He prefers to ride a bicycle for charity, because he wants to help people who have a similar situation. Diederik has become physically and mentally stronger thanks to cycling on a special needs bike. By participating in the various bike tours he wants to show that cycling with brain injury is possible.

The Easy Rider has a seat with a backrest for a safe and secure feeling. The electric pedal support provides the opportunity to cycle longer distances. Due to the three wheels, Diederik has a stable position on the bike. With the Easy Rider tricycle, Diederik can undertake many things. You can also read all about the Van Raam therapy bikes in our article 'A therapeutic bike from Van Raam'.

Diederik has a blog where he regularly writes (in Dutch) about his experiences with the Easy Rider tricycle. 

Read his blog here

Easy Rider tricycle

The Easy Rider is a special needs tricycle for adults.

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