Container with adaptive bikes on the way to America

Van Raam delivers adaptive bicycles in the Netherlands and Europe, but also in America. This year, a number of containers have been transported to the United States with Van Raam wheelchair bikes, tricycles and (side by side) tandems. 

New container loaded with Van Raam cycling

Last week, Rudolf, Florim, Marco and Sander have been busy loading a new container full of Van Raam bikes for the United States. The new container is fully packed with adaptive Van Raam bikes including: 

Very professional and careful all bikes were loaded into the container. Wondering how the bikes are loaded?  Check out the pictures below of loading the bikes.

Loading adaptive bikes for the USA
Van Raam adaptive bikes

The final result: a container full of Van Raam bikes and three proud Van Raam employees (Rudolf, Florim and Marco):

Container loaded with adaptive bicycles (Van Raam)

Transport Van Raam special needs bikes to The States

Last Week, the container is picked up at Van Raam and the container with the special needs bikes will be transported  by truck and boat to our distributor Spinov8 Distribution Company in the USA. From there the bikes go to our dealers in America 

Loading container with Van Raam's bikes

Americans loves our special needs bikes

The Facebook page of our American dealers All Ability Cycles and already has many nice photos of happy Americans on a Van Raam bike.

Adaptive Van Raam's bikes in the USA

Buying a Van Raam adaptive bike

Would you like to buy a special needs bike and would you want know in which countries you can find the Van Raam dealers?

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