Connect Van Raam battery with the smart e-bike app

Do you have a battery with a yellow sticker? Then it is possible to connect your Van Raam smart e-bike app to this smart battery! Find out how you can do this easily and correctly in our article and video and what advantages this brings!

Video: How to connect the Van Raam battery to the smart e-bike app?

How do I know if I can connect my battery to the app?

How do I know if I can connect my battery to the app?

If you have a smart battery you can connect your battery to the app. You can recognize a Van Raam e-bike with smart battery by the large GPS sticker with a yellow border on the battery of the bike. Not every Van Raam bike with pedal support has a smart battery, but it is a smart e-bike. You don't have a smart e-bike if you don't have a bike with pedal support.

The smart battery is equipped with the same Internet technology as your smartphone, i.e. a SIM card connected to the Internet. This collects and transmits data. You can specify in the app itself what information is to be retrieved and exchanged. Also read more frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions
How to connect your battery and the Van Raam App: Step by step Code

How to connect your battery and the Van Raam app: step by step

Step 1:

Remove your smart battery from the holder to see the 7 digit code.

Step 2:

Open the Van Raam e-bike app on your smarthone.

Step 3:

To connect a battery, you must have already connected the bike to the app. We show you how to do this in our video and article "Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app".

Step 4:

Select "Batteries" in the menu to connect the battery to the app.

How to connect your battery and the Van Raam App step by step

Step 5:

Click on "Add battery".

Step 6:

Click on the small camera icon. Your phone camera will then open (if not, you will need to enable it in your phone settings). You can now scan the barcode next to the 7-digit code on your battery.

Step 7:

Now click on the camera icon in the second field. And scan the 5-digit code on the card that you can find in the spare key when you receive your bike.

You are now connected to your battery and can now view many battery details. 

  • Battery name
  • Serial number
  • Battery Model
  • When the last contact took place
  • The current capacity
  • The maximum capacity
  • The health status
  • The number of charging cycles
  • The current temperature 
  • When the location was last updated
  • When the data was last updated

These are your advantages with the e-bike app

With the use of intelligent software you can see everything about your bike on your smartphone. So you don't have to be on the road with your bike to view the data. In addition, there are various functions that you can turn on and off yourself.

  • Use the app to view different cycling data.
  • View cycling routes: See where you have cycled to on a map on your smartphone.
Would you like to learn more about the Van Raam e-bike app? Go to your page of the Van Raam app.

  Van Raam E-Bike App
Battery Notifications Video

Battery notifications with Van Raam smart e-bike app (video)

You can use the Van Raam smart e-bike app to receive notifications about your battery or batteries on your cell phone. Watch our video to learn how this works, looks like and read more about this advantage in the article.

Battery notifications Video

Further questions and information

Do you have a question about the Van Raam e-bike app or the smart e-bike? Please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +31 (0)315 - 25 73 70.