Adjusted opening hours 4 and 5 May at Van Raam

Due to the liberation day Van Raam has adjusted opening hours for 4 and 5 May 2020, please read the following text for the adjusted opening hours.

Adjusted opening hours 4 and 5 May at Van Raam

Adjusted accessibility Van Raam

4 May is for Van Raam a day where we are closed, this means, for these days 4 and 5 May, that we do not receive any visitors, do not give test rides or counseling and do not send parts to dealers.
Nevertheless, on 4 and 5 May, a minimal staffing of the reception, sales and service department is available by telephone.  So if you have urgent questions, you can contact us by telephone. From 6 May onwards we will be available for you as usual!

Online availability Van Raam

Do you need information about our adapted Van Raam bikes or our factory? Our website is always available, even during the days off. Have a look at our adapted bikes on our site.

Our bikes
plan a test ride in private consultation

Plan a test ride in advance

It is not possible to visit our showroom on 4 and 5 May 2020, but you can plan a test ride in advance. Due to the coronavirus our showroom is only open for private consultationPrivate consultation at Van Raam means that there are four test drives/consultations with a technical consultant. During this test drive, these appointments take place in a different part of the showroom, so that sufficient distance and measures can be taken.

Plan a test ride