Adapting and duplicating recipes as a Van Raam dealer

As a dealer, service is an extremely important factor. From time to time it happens that customers need different settings in the pedal support, depending on the disability and needs. Learn in this article how you as a dealer can customize bicycle recipes, programs, and duplicate them.

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Van Raam has as a bicycle manufacturer of adapted bicycles in more than 20 countries, dealers who sell adapted bicycles. Furthermore, they deliver them, take care of the service and arrange the warranty. The custom bikes can be purchased worldwide. As a dealer it is important to provide good service and to adjust settings individually if necessary. As this provides the customer with the best possible service. Would you like to know more about dealers and the different types of Van Raam dealers? Then read the article "Find a Van Raam dealer near you". If you have any questions, you can always contact your dealer or contact Van Raam.

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As Van Raam dealer, adapt and duplicate recipes

Watch the following video to see how you as a dealer can customize and duplicate a recipe, a programm, from a Van Raam bicycle in the Van Raam dealer tool.

What are recipes?

Recipes are bike programs in which bike settings are stored. These must be adapted and duplicated on the computer, then they can be imported into the pedal support system via the computer or app. The recipes can only be adapted if they are duplicated. These adjustments and the duplication can only be done as a dealer.
The Standard Programs, Eco, Comfort, Power and Extra Power can be duplicated and adapted as there are customers where the standard settings are not compatible because the needs are different. This is for example if a person has only one leg or one leg has less strength, then the programs can be optimally adapted to the needs of the customer.

Video Van Raam bicycles - adapting and duplicating recipes

In the following you can read step by step what you can see in the video above, so as a Van Raam dealer you can bike customize and duplicate recipes, programs
Van Raam dealer tool customize and duplicate recipes selected

Step 1:

To modify and duplicate recipes, your bike must be connected to the Van Raam software. Do you want to know how that works? Watch the video in the article "In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool".

Step 2:

Select the recipe you want to duplicate. By clicking on the desired recipe.

Step 3:

You are automatically redirected to the page with the recipes.

Van Raam dealer tool customize and duplicate recipes

Step 4:

The settings of the selected recipe (duplicated recipe) are now visible below.

Step 5:

The settings can now be changed as desired.

Step 6:

The settings can be adjusted by moving the button on the scroll bar. Do not forget to activate the checkbox 'visible in the application' when saving. 

Van Raam dealer tool customize and duplicate recipes saving

Step 7:

When you have adjusted all settings to your needs, save them by clicking the 'Save' button.

Step 8:

You will find the saved recipe under "Available bike recipes".

Step 9:

From the software you can send the information to the bike. The recipe can now also be found in the e-bike app.

In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool

Would you like to learn how a Van Raam dealer can connect and read out a Van Raam bicycle with the Van Raam dealer tool? Learn more about this in the article and in the related video: "In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool" As a Van Raam dealer it is important to be able to connect and read out a bicycle well. This is important to know in order to provide a good service to customers. As a customer it is interesting to know that this is possible. 

Connect in 7 steps

Install and test new components

When a new motor or controller is installed on a Van Raam bicycle it must first be installed and tested. As the service service of a dealer is very important to ensure the mobility of the customer, Van Raam gives in this video and article a detailed instruction how to do this exactly and thus provide the best performance of the system for the customer. So in the article "Van Raam bike install and test new components" and accompanying video you will learn how you, as a dealer, can read and test new components. 

Install and test new components

Connect your adapted bike with the Van Raam E-Bike App

In this article "Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app" and video you will learn how you as a Van Raam bike owner and also as a dealer, this can be relevant for service services, can connect an electric Van Raam bike to the E-Bike App. 

Connect to e-bike app

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