9 frequently asked questions about the Maxi tricycle

The Maxi is a traditional tricycle from Van Raam for adults. Read in this article the 9 most frequently asked questions about the Maxi.

Frequently asked questions about the Van Raam Maxi tricycle

Read the answers to the 9 most frequently asked questions about the Maxi tricycle for adults below.

frequently asked questions about the Maxi tricycle from Van Raam

1. What kind of tricycle is Van Raam's Maxi?

The Maxi is a trendy designed traditional tricycle from Van Raam. 

2. For whom is the Maxi tricycle suitable?

The Maxi tricycle is suitable for adults who would like more stability while cycling.

3. How does a Maxi tricycle cycle?

The Maxi is a smooth-running tricycle. You can get on and off easily by using the parking brake. The Maxi is stable thanks to its three wheels and therefore creates a safe feeling while cycling. The high seating position provides a good overview of traffic. For tips, read the article 'Cycling on an tricycle for adults'. 

Frame height of the Van Raam Maxi tricycle

4. What is the frame height of the Maxi?

The standard frame height of the Van Raam Maxi is 53 cm. Optionally, the frame is also available in a smaller size (44 cm) and larger size (62 cm). To determine which frame height suits you, it is important to look at your inner leg length. Read in the article 'Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes' how to measure your inner leg length.

Standard frame

Height: 53 cm
Inner leg length: 80-95 cm

Lowered frame

Height: 44 cm
Inner leg length: 71-86 cm

Elevated frame

Height: 62 cm
Inner leg length: 89-104 cm

5. Can I reach the ground with my feet on the Maxi?

On the Maxi tricycle you cannot reach the ground with both feet when sitting on the saddle. This is because on the Maxi you sit directly above the crankshaft, just like on a regular two-wheel bike. On Van Raam's Maxi Comfort tricycle, you sit just behind the crankshaft and you can put both feet on the ground when you sit on the saddle. Read more about this low entry level tricycle on the product page.

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What is the color of the Maxi tricycle

6. What is the color of the Maxi tricycle?

The Maxi tricycle is available in the color: (RAL 7031) Blue grey matt. The two additional optional colors are (RAL 9005) Jet black matt and (RAL 5008) Grey blue. It is also possible to purchase the Maxi tricycle in a RAL color of your choice. Read more about this in the article 'A Van Raam bicycle in a color of your choice.'

7. Can I take the Maxi with me in the car?

The Maxi can be equipped with a detachable frame as an option. Depending on the size of the car, the Maxi can be taken in the car with a detachable frame. Read more about this option in the article 'A detachable frame at Van Raam bikes'.

stick holder and shopping basket Maxi Van Raam

8. What are the most popular options for the Maxi?

There are many options available to customize the Maxi to your personal needs. These are the most popular options:

 See all possible options on the Options page.

Van Raam Maxi tricycle for adults

9. How much does the Maxi tricycle cost?

The price of the Maxi depends on the different options and accessories you want on your bike. See the price list on the product page, or find out how much your personalized Maxi costs in the configurator.

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