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Customer experience Easy Sport recumbent trike - Alberts

Customer experience Easy Sport recumbent trike Alberts
9 / 10

Nicole cannot cycle any more due to physical complaints, whereas she used to cycle a lot. She can now cycle again thanks to the Easy Sport recumbent trike. Read the story of Nicole here.

Easy Sport recumbent trike
(RAL 9016) Traffic white / Matt black
Pedal assist, Stick holder
1 June 2021 purchased
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Cycling again after 4 years thanks to Easy Sport recumbent trike

"I have had my Easy Sport recumbent trike since June 2021. Due to physical complaints I can't cycle anymore since 2017, while I always did everything on my bike. Together with an occupational therapist, I applied for this bicycle via the WMO (social support act). So I got this bike through the municipality.

The low handlebars ensure that my shoulder and upper back are not overburdened. The laying / sitting position reduces the strain on my lower back and pelvis.

The Easy Sport has given me back my freedom. It's so nice to feel the wind through my hair and to enjoy the surroundings."

It's so nice to feel the wind through my hair and to enjoy the surroundings.

Nicole Alberts

Cycling with the Easy Sport tricycle with pedal support

"My Easy Sport is an electric recumbent trike. The pedal support helps to start the cycling movement. I also have crutch holders on the back of the bike. So that I can walk small distances on location.

I cycle longer distances 4 to 5 times a week, it's really enjoyable. Wouldn't want to be without my recumbent trike."

Customer experience Easy Sport recumbent trike Alberts

Going on a holiday with the Easy Sport recumbent trike

"The Easy Sport also comes along on holiday. I have bought a small trailer on which my bike and 2 'normal' bikes fit. But also without a car I go on a mini cycling holiday. I take my backpack and crutches on the back and then I go from hotel to hotel. I enjoy my bicycle every day!

The best and most enjoyable experience with my bike?  Every time I get on it, I enjoy it. My mini cycling holiday a few weeks ago stands out. Cycling 70 km a day, spending the night in a hotel, and then cycling on again gave me a feeling of independence and freedom that I haven't felt in a long time."

Nicole Alberts - Odijk
Bike: Easy Sport recumbent trike

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