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User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Rob Berendsen

User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Rob Berendsen
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My father is 88 years old. His knees are not so good anymore so we searched the internet to see if a tricycle was something for him. On the website of Van Raam we were immediately charmed by the Easy Rider tricycle model and the sporty and tough look of this bike.

Easy Rider tricycle
pedal assist, armrest, mirror
600 km cycled
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Visiting Van Raam in Varsseveld

After we looked at the bike on the internet, we figured out if we could try the bike somewhere. We then discovered that it is best to go to Van Raam in Varsseveld to see and try all the bicycles. We certainly did not regret this, because I think this is the best option if you are going to buy a tricycle.

At Van Raam, Jurgen took the time to help us. In a "Van Raam way" you going to figure out which bike suits you best. My father tried other bikes, but in the end we ended up at the Easy Rider. We were particularly pleased with how much time they took at Van Raam and my father also made a test ride through the factory. On the way back we came to the conclusion that this should be THE bike for my father.

At Van Raam, Jurgen took the time to help us. In a "Van Raam way" you going to figure out which bike suits you best.

Rob Berendsen

Trying out a special needs bike

My father actually wanted to test the tricycle at home. Because it was winter, there were many testbikes at Van Raam that were not used and we were allowed to borrow such a bike. We received the bicycle that we got to borrow for two weeks through our bicycle repairer Harleman Tweewielers. This made my father decide that he wanted an Easy Rider tricycle. It took some getting used to for my father. It is of course a tricycle and there are quite a few buttons and levers and a battery. He was also afraid of the width of the bicycle and how people would look at him in traffic.

Family visits with the Easy Rider tricycle

Eventually the owner of Harleman Tweewielers, together with my father, returned the test bike and then they ordered the Easy Rider for my father on the spot. He has pedal support, two mirrors and an armrest installed on the Easy Rider because he has worn out shoulders. My father has cycled more than 600 kilometers since his received his Easy Rider. This is in four months! He loves his bike. He comes from a large family and he often visits his brothers and sisters who live in his area. He cycles to Twello, which is approximately 15 km each way. Or he visits Aunt Bets at the Farm in Teuge, 13 kilometers one way. He cycles about 4 to 5 times a week.

We also discovered that there is an E-Bike app from Van Raam. My father can't handle a smartphone, so he doesn't use the app. We have installed a simple speedometer on the bike so that he can see exactly how much he is riding and how fast. Occasionally I also cycle on his tricycle and I have figured out with the app that he can cycle about 50 kilometers with 1 full battery, he will then cycle with full support. He can still make the movement of cycling, but he can no longer have the power. They hardly keep up with him on a normal bike, he likes that of course. The great thing about the Easy Rider is its enormous maneuverability, it makes cycling much easier thanwith a regular bicycle. You can also make sharp turns. 

For my father it is now easier not to use the car, because he enjoys cycling the average bicycle trips of 10/15/20 kilometers.

They hardly keep up with him on a normal bike, he likes that of course.

Rob Berendsen

Homemade box for Easy Rider

A few months after the review above, we received the messeage below from Bart, another son of Mr. Berendsen:

"I made a lockable box for our father's bicycle. It fits on the carrier the basket was on. Made from trespa, aluminum angle and a stainless steel piano hinge. Iassembled the whole thing with pop rivets and coated the box in the color of the bicycle (ocean green). Dad is very happy with it. "

On the pictures above you can see the homemade ocean green box on the tricycle.

Rob Berendsen - Apeldoorn
Model: Easy Rider

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