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User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Erik Vermazen

User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Erik Vermazen
10 / 10

My wish was to be able to move myself with a bicycle, despite my handicap. This was possible thanks to Van Raam's Easy Rider seat tricycle. I already had some experience cycling on an Easy Rider tricycle (without pedal assistance), and now I have my second Easy Rider seat tricycle with pedal assistance since 29 May 2018. I think it's fantastic!

Easy Rider tricycle
Pedal assist, Extra battery pack, Extended frame, Reinforced frame, Foot fixation, Direction indicators, Armrests, SmartGuard tyres, Throttle
29 May 2018 purchased
Configure your bike

Special options on custom bike

Because of my handicap there are special options on my tricycle. For example, my Easy Rider tricycle is extended and reinforced, I have foot fixation on both pedals and I can control my bike with the left side of my body. Both the gear, brake and bell are mounted on the left side. Furthermore, my bike has a set of indicators, armrests, anti-leak tires, an extra battery and a throttle to ride forwards and backwards.

Easy Rider tricycle for adult

The big advantage of my Easy Rider tricycle is that I can move without having to move my right leg. With my bike I ride around Blokzijl for about 25 kilometers, three times a week.

user experience tricycle easy rider erik vermazen

Thanks to my bike I can go out and have a little bit of freedom of movement again. This gives me a nice moment.

Erik Vermazen

Purchasing an Easy Rider custom bike

To purchase my bike, I have been in contact with the municipality of Noordoostpolder. The municipality advised me to take a look at Van Raam's bicycles. Then I went to the Van Raam website. The site was clear and I could quickly find the right information. Then an appointment was made with Van Raam and it was agreed that Van Raam's technical field advisor would visit me together with Hulpmiddelencentrum, the party that was going to deliver my adjusted bicycle.

During their visit I was bedridden, but this did not stop the field service advisor Stefan and the field staff member of the Hulpmiddelencentrum from putting together a suitable adapted bicycle for me. What more could you want.  

After the visit of Van Raam and the Hulpmiddelencentrum I waited two months for my bike to be delivered. This was done by the Hulpmiddelencentrum, because Van Raam doesn't deliver directly to the end user. The delivery went well and the bike was neatly adjusted with the necessary text and explanation.

Nice moments

Thanks to my bike I can go out and have a little bit of freedom of movement again. This gives me a nice moments. About three weeks ago I cycled from Blokzijl to Marknesse to meet my daughter, she is in Emmeloord at school. When she saw me, her mouth literally fell open with amazement. That was a surprise you won't easily forget.

Thanks Van Raam

Van Raam has been a great help to me. I can go outside again!

Erik Vermazen - Blokzijl
Type: Easy Rider

PS: The photo that was used in Erik's user experience is an example atmospheric photo to get an impression of the standard Easy Rider seat tricycle for adults. The custom options Erik describes in his experience are unfortunately not visible on this bike.

Pros & cons
  • Freedom of movement
  • Special options
  • Excellent service from Van Raam
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