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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Ciska Oudenaarden

Customer experience Van Raam Easy rider tricycle with seat Cisca Oudenaarden
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Cisca has Crohn's disease, a stoma, and rheumatism, which causes her a lot of pain and limitations. Sitting on a regular bicycle saddle was too painful, so Cisca now cycles with an Easy Rider tricycle with seat from Van Raam. Read her story here.

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Customer experience Cisca Oudenaarden Easy Rider tricycle

When cycling becomes difficult

Cisca has had Crohn's disease for 30 years, a stoma for 8 years, and rheumatism for 20 years. Due to the rheumatism, Cisca cannot use her shoulders and hands as well. After a rectum operation, Cisca has severe nerve pain in her buttocks, which makes it difficult for her to sit properly. Cycling was also difficult because sitting on a bicycle saddle was too painful. She tried different bicycle saddles, but none of them provided any improvement. Eventually, an occupational therapist advised her to try a recumbent tricycle. In an interview with the Dutch association for Crohn's disease and Colitis (Crohn & Colitis NL), Cisca tells her story, which can be partially read in this customer experience.

Occupational therapy and a tricycle with seat

"When you think of Crohn's disease, many people don't immediately make the link with a tricycle. Just like the link with occupational therapy. That's why I want to tell my story, to make people aware of occupational therapy. It's a lifesaver for me. The occupational therapist came to my home to find a solution so that I could sit more comfortably and advised me on some aids. She advised me to try a tricycle because you have a different cycling position on such a bike. My advice to others who are struggling in their daily activities or want advice on their posture: seek help from an occupational therapist. Because all improvements, no matter how small, matter."

I don't cycle as far as I used to, but when I want to cycle, I can. And that's worth a lot.

Cisca Oudenaarden

Cycling again thanks to the Easy Rider tricycle

"Of course, switching to the Easy Rider recumbent tricycle was a big step. People look at it differently. I found that quite daunting. Martijn from in Putten really helped us out. He immediately saw that I am a cycling enthusiast and then came up with the black Easy Rider tricycle from Van Raam. I was surprised, but it was also exciting. I sat down, took off the brake, and the rest is history. I get a lot of compliments from people: 'what a cool bike you have!'

Now I can cycle again with my husband. That means so much to me. My husband supported me enormously in thinking of solutions, just like the occupational therapist. Cycling is really a hobby of mine. After my operation, I couldn't do it anymore because of the severe pain in my buttocks. I don't cycle as far as I used to, but when I want to cycle, I can. And that's worth a lot. Soon, my sadness gave way to joy and fun."

Cisca Oudenaarden – Leusden

Type: Easy Rider tricycle

Pros & cons
  • More comfortable seating
  • Being able to cycle again
  • Good assistance from the occupational therapist and salesperson
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