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Customer experience Easy Rider 2 tricycle - Bjørn-Eddy Andersen

Customer experience Easy Rider 2 tricycle - Bjørn-Eddy Andersen
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Bjørn-Eddy Andersen lives in Tolvsrød, Norway. Bjørn had a stroke in January 2019 and as a result his left arm and left leg were totally out of function. In this customer experience he tells more about his background and his experiences with the Easy Rider 2 tricycle.

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My background

"I couldn’t move my left side anymore. I was bound to my wheelchair for a couple of months, but thanks to intense training I am capable to walk with a tripod walking stick. I’m still in my rehabilitation process and I train almost every day with the help of my physiotherapist.
In January 2020 I got my Easy Rider 2 tricycle. I asked for this bike after a good advice from my physiotherapist. After some adjustments of the equipment, I have used the bike nearly every day from April 2020."

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customer experience andersen easy rider tricycle

Experiences with the Easy Rider tricycle

"With my left leg defected, I have no problems getting on or off the bike due to the low saddle and low entry. I also can’t use my left arm, but it’s easy to steer and cycle because of all the important equipment on the right side. What I also like is that the back rest gives me support during the ride. I still would like to have a stick holder on my bike where I could take my tripod walking stick with me. For my trips I have to take the tripod walking stick, this is necessary to make my balance. But in general I’m very satisfied with my Easy Rider tricycle and my wife and I are able to make tours together again. Short and long distances."
Bjørn-Eddy Andersen – Tolvsrød (Norway)
Model: Easy Rider 2 tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Low seat and low entry
  • Seat with backrest
  • No holder for a three-legged walking stick
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