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My name is Rosita Rampertaap, I’m 34 years old and I live in Brummen. For years I have a tricycle made by Van Raam. I have the Midi model, since I'm not that big. I have this because of my handicap. As a result of a Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, my balance is disturbed, which means that I cannot cycle on a regular bicycle.


I have my current bike, a purple / blue Midi, now 4 months. I have it on loan through the WMO (Social Support Act). My bike is adjusted. It has pedal support and I can control all of the brakes with my left hand.

Second tricycle

Before my current bicycle, I also had a Midi, which I had more than 7 years. This bike also had pedal support and this bike also had an adjustment for a child’s seat and little stairs so that my son could climb on it himself. It could also cycle backwards. I liked that bike so much that I asked for the same bike when it was rejected.

I liked cycling with my brother (he has a Maxi) in Limburg the most and I also have been to my mother in Amsterdam by train. I also cycled there, it was great.

Positive things about my trike

My current bike is the improved version of my previous one. My old bike was already very nice, this one is even better. An adjustment for a child seat is no longer necessary.

  • The headlight has a battery (instead of a dynamo) and gives very good light.

  • The battery now also has lights and is easier to turn on, after a period of not being used. and I can now also remove it from the bike and put it back on.

  • The pedal support works very well. It was getting used to in the beginning, but now things are going well.

I like it that I now have a ring lock on the bike, where I can put an extra chain lock. Now I can also attach my tricycle to something. That is so safe. I have not had problems with the bike so far, the chain tension was a bit limp, but that seems to be normal with new bikes and that has been adjusted by Welzorg. 

Small minus

I think the rear light is a small minus, with my previous bike too. It works well, but the battery seems to run out quickly. It is also difficult to replace the battery. That's why I always have spare lights with me, which I attach to my bag or the bike itself.

From point A to point B

I mainly use my bicycle to move myself from point A to point B in Brummen (the Netherlands). Do some shopping, going to the physiotherapist and stuff like that. Sometimes I also take my bike to another city if necessary (and if that is possible) because otherwise I have to walk too much. But just about cycle paths and on the street. No exciting adventures for me. I like going out with my bike. I liked cycling with my brother (he has a Maxi) in Limburg the most and I also went to my mother in Amsterdam by train. I also cycled there in Amsterdam, it was great!

Rosita keeps a blog where she regularly tells about her cycling adventures (in Dutch). Do you want to read more of her? Click here.

Rosita Rampertaap - Brummen
Model: Midi