Customer experience Easy Rider Small tricycle - Senna Bakker

Senna is now able to cycle great distances with the Easy Rider Small and she finds it a treat to go cycling! Read more about Senna's experience with her tricycle here.​

Customer experience Easy Rider Small Van Raam tricycle of Senna Bakker
Customer experience Easy Rider Small Van Raam tricycle of Senna Bakker


"Hi, I'm Senna Bakker! I'm 9 years old and I live with my dad, mum and brother Nick (11) in Hoorn, the Netherlands. My hobbies are Frame Running (walking or running with a special three-wheeled walking bike) and I am going to do a course in Frame Ice Skating. Unfortunately, I cannot cycle on a two-wheel bike (yet). First, I cycled on the Midi tricycle. The ergotherapist at the hospital had an Easy Rider Small as a test bike, I was allowed to cycle on it for a while and I liked it a lot."

Cycling distances

"I have had the Easy Rider Small since 7 December 2022. I really like the tricycle, it's a treat to cycle! I can now cycle distances because the bike has electric support. I have a mirror on my bike and my Easy Rider Small is bright green, a very cool colour. 

I ride my bike to school and to my friends, I cycle at least 10 kilometres a week. On weekends or holidays, I cycle more because that's when I like to go for a bike ride. I think the most positive thing is that I am moving forward well and can now cycle real distances. Cycling in the dark is also super fun for me.
I give the Easy Rider Small a 10! For me, the bike has nothing but positive points.”

Senna Bakker – Hoorn, the Netherlands
Bike: Easy Rider Small tricycle