Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle – Mia Broos-Bakker

Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerose (MS). As a result of MS I have quite some balance problems and I've been walking with a stick for years now. I see a lot of people cycling, but I can't do that anymore, at least not on a traditional bike. After having tried many different bikes and attempts I ended up at Van Raam and I was stunned.

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle Mia
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle Mia

Try an (electric) tandem

"Sometimes it hurts me to see all those cyclists. I do have a mobility scooter, but that's different from cycling. Recently my husband and I rented an electric tandem, to cycle from Eindhoven to Waalre. I was excited and I felt like on the back of the tandem I wounldn't have to do very much. I thought I was ready, but after a few meters I already shouted 'stop!' I was scared and didn't dare anymore. We returned the tandem and went by car.

After the failed attempt I wanted to try again, but now with a tandem without pedal support. I was very scared to get on the bike. I couldn't reach the ground with my feet and the tandem had a high entry, I already could see myself falling. Before we even cycled 1 meter, the tandem went back to the bike store. End of tandem."
Van Raam's (electric) tandems have a low or no entry and are available with many different options. Our tandems are often used by people who can't cycle independently anymore.

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Don't give up

"Every drawback has its advantage and my advantage was in the form of a tricycle at the bike store. I practiced for a while and was able to cycle a bit, but most importantly: I didn't fall over! I was allowed to rent the tricycle for a week and once at home I immediately started practicing. You have to get used to a tricycle, even if you don't have balance problems.

Cycling was still a bit disappointing for me. Straight ahead went fine, but around the corner and with several obstacles I found it very scary. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of children and the nice thing about children is that they are very honest: "You are doing pretty well, but you still need a little practice", concluded 5 year old Miranda. The second day things went a little better and another child saw me. She gave me a big compliment: "You are doing better, but you still need to practice a bit." It made me happy so I kept practicing and it gave me a huge kick."

A test ride at Van Raam

"My husband and I decided to go to Van Raam. Given by balance problems and clumsiness, I had prepared myself for it to be a long-term soap. Big tricycles, small ones, two wheels at the back, two wheels at the front; you can't imagine what's possible. After a consultation with an advisor I was allowed to test a tricycle. The Easy Rider tricycle has a low entry and comfortable sitting with backrest. We went outside and the advisor sent me to the test track with curbs and other obstacles. I was stunned, it went very smooth!"

This tricycle is it all! Even with pedal support.

Glowing like Queen Maxima

"With all tricycles I tried I had small or sometimes big adjustment problems and I just couldn't get any further than the street or a small tour around the park. But with the Easy Rider I cycled right out of the neighborhood! The saddle, or rather the royal seat, sits princely. My husband said I'm glowing like our Queen Maxima."

Faster than my mobility scooter

"The name Easy Rider is well chosen, it cycles very easily. It is quite a tough tricycle: a low seat and leaning backwards. With the pedal support, the tricycle can accelerate tremendously in no time, much faster than my mobility scooter. My daughter and husband don't have to hold back anymore, we can cycle at the same pace."

My Easy Rider racing monster

"My Easy Rider obviously drew a lot of attention from the neighborhood. The tricycle was admired on all sides. The neighborhood children are very happy I can cycle again and I get a lot of reactions from locals: "How good of you to keep trying, I am so happy for you." Others, often men, especially admire the aerodynamic design of the bike, the front and rear damping and the striking frame. Especially nice was the reaction of a few teenagers (typically jeans up to halfway through their underpants and a hoodie or cap). When I cycled by I heard them say: "Wow, what a cool, fast bike!" and that when I'm 55 years old. By now my Easy Rider racing monster also has Red Bull Racing stickers!"
Mia Broos-Bakker - the Netherlands
Model: Easy Rider tricycle