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Customer experience Twinny Plus tandem bike - Louis Lameire

Customer experience Twinny Plus tandem bike - Louis Lameire
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Louis Lameire is from Belgium and together with his wife Mimi he has made many beautiful bike rides. Until Mimi got Alzheimer's and the cycling trips were no longer so obvious. Louis went in search of a solution to continue cycling together. Read the story of Louis and Mimi in this customer experience.

Twinny Plus tandem
150 km cycled
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Our Twinny Plus electric tandem bike experience

My wife and I used to cycle together a lot, until Alzheimer's disease took away her independence. On top of that, she had back surgery and a bike crash was unavoidable.

So last year we tried out the Fun2Go duo bike. The Fun2Go is very nice, but we did not feel entirely comfortable with it.

Then we tried the Twinny Plus tandem bike and we were thrilled! We are so glad that we ended up with this solution. At Van Raam dealer VIGO we found an excellent guide to the purchase, with friendly and sound advice. I already call the Twinny Plus the best investment we ever made!

tandem bike twinny plus lameire customer experience

3 reasons to choose the Twinny Plus

We chose the Twinny Plus electric tandem bike for 3 reasons:

  1. The Twinny Plus gives us a real cycling experience.

  2. The tandem bike cycles very smooth and is narrow.

  3. And last but not least: my wife is calmer when she is not looking directly at the road; on the Twinny Plus she 'gives in' more, she enjoys it more.

We have already done 15 bike rides, together about 150 km, and we like it. Mimi is even singing on the back of the bike! I have rarely made an investment with such a quick and high return. And the most important thing: you have so many solutions to regain lost freedom!

Louis Lameire – Oostkamp, Belgium
Bike: Twinny Plus electric tandem bike

Pros & Cons
  • Good investment
  • Regained lost freedom
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