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Customer experience Fun2Go side by side bike - Tom DeGree

Customer experience Van Raam Fun2Go side by side bike Tom DeGree
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Tom DeGree’s only memory of his car accident is like a scene in a movie: “I’m lying down, and I see a woman’s face, and I see tubes,” he said. “I hear the helicopter blades, and I hear somebody say, ‘We need to put a tourniquet on.’”

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Life-changing car accident

On October 26, 2019, Tom's life changed forever. He found himself in a car accident, and four days later, he woke up in North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale. That’s when he discovered that the right side of his body had been shattered. He had sustained massive internal injuries, and doctors had to amputate his right leg just below the knee.

A journey to recovery

After spending 48 days in the hospital, Tom was finally allowed to return home, where he had to focus on his recovery. He diligently worked on improving his balance and strength in his left leg with the help of his physical therapist. Prior to the accident, Tom had been active, working out several days a week and practicing yoga. His strong core and physical fitness played a crucial role in speeding up his recovery. Moreover, his positive attitude made the journey much more bearable.

Of course, it's challenging. But I try to concentrate on the positives, like the incredible support from the community and the fact that I'm still alive - Appreciate everything.

Tom DeGree

Tom’s return to cycling

In August 2022, Tom took his first bicycle ride on the Fun2Go side by side bike with Limitless Cycling since hearing those words in 2019. Their Fun2Go side by side bike allows him to continue his physical therapy in an outdoor setting without having to worry about his balance.

Tom DeGree - USA
Bike: Fun2Go side by side bike

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