Bicycle covers

To protect your bike from weather conditions, it is possible to purchase a bicycle cover for the Easy Rider tricycle or Fun2Go tandem bike. Van Raam's advice remains to store your bike indoors when possible.

Bike cover Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam
Bicycle cover Fun2Go side-by-side tandem Van Raam
Bike cover mirror pocket Van Raam
Bicycle cover Van Raam storm strap Easy Rider
Ventilation hatch bike cover Van Raam
Van Raam bicycle cover opening additional lock

Van Raam bikes suitable for bicycle covers

The bicycle cover for the Easy Rider

The bicycle cover for the Easy Rider is suitable for the Easy Rider 2 and the Easy Rider in both size M and L. The cover fits over all available seats and backrests. In the tricycle cover are extractable mirror pockets, ventilation hatches and at the front wheel is an opening through which an extra lock can be placed. To prevent the cover from blowing loose in storms or wind, a storm strap is attached to the bicycle cover.

The bicycle cover for the Fun2Go

The bike cover for the Fun2Go is suitable for both the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem and the FunTrain and fits over all available seats and backrests. The bicycle cover includes extractable mirror pockets, an opening at the front wheel for an extra lock and ventilation hatches at the front and back.

Order bicycle covers through a Van Raam dealer

The bike covers for the Easy Rider tricycle and Fun2Go duo bike can be ordered through your Van Raam dealer. Please contact your dealer if you are interested.

Van Raam dealers

Videos: Bike cover for the Easy Rider and bike cover for the Fun2Go

In the videos below, you will see how to attach the bike cover to the Easy Rider and Fun2Go. Make sure your bike is dry and clean before putting the cover over it. Read more about mounting in the article 'Attaching bicycle cover to the Van Raam Easy Rider and Fun2Go'.

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