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A bicycle with suspension offers significantly more comfort than a bicycle without suspension, especially on bumpy or unpaved roads. The suspension acts as a sort of "shock absorber" and absorbs shocks and vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted through your body. To fully benefit from the suspension, it is important to choose the right spring for your body weight. Van Raam offers various types of suspension, so you can choose what suits you best.

Order this option at your Van Raam dealer

Order this option from your Van Raam dealer. It is also possible to have this option installed on your bicycle later by your dealer.

  • Suitable for a body weight of less than 80kg (550 LBS)
  • Suitable for a body weight of 80 to 110 kg (750 LBS)
  • Suitable for a body weight of more than 110 kg (1000 LBS)

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€ 25 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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