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Van Raam is a manufacturer of special-needs bikes, such as tricycles, wheel-chair bikes, tandems, double rider cycles, electric scooter bikes and low step through bikes or comfort bikes. You can see on the internet that the Van Raam special needs bicycles are very popular. Recently The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike, tricycle Easy Sport and double rider cycle Fun2Go were at the Dutch TV.

Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus at RTL 4

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is a bicycle and a wheelchair transporter. With this bike, a wheelchair dependent person, can also on a bike as a passenger. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle. He or she sits in the seat on the front site of the wheelchair-cycle. The tilted ramp makes it very easy to roll the co-rider in the wheelchair on the wheel-chair bike. Together with the rider of the wheelchair bike the wheelchair user can enjoy biking.

The presenters from the program Life4You, Carlo Boszhard and Irene Moors, love new gadgets and every week they show the gadgets at their program to the Dutch tv audience. The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is such a special gadget. During the program Life4You at RTL 4 Carlo and Irene cycled at the VeloPlus. They have tried different functions of the electric wheelchair bike. The Dutch presenters really loved the wheelchair bike. “A Wonderful device” they both said.

wheelchair transport bike

A Wonderful device

Carlo and Irene

Recumbent trike Easy Sport

The Easy Sport form Van Raam is a recumbent trike for sports-minded people. The trike has a ergonomic seating and through the frame suspension the tricycle guarantees extra comfort. The difference between the Easy Sport and a traditional tricycle (such as the Midi, Maxi and Maxi Comfort) is the lower sitting position and the forward pedaling position at the Easy Sport. You can sit at a lower height, which gives you a lower center of gravity, thereby boosting confidence and giving a feeling of safety.

‘Je zal Het Maar Hebben (‘It could’ve been you‘) is a Dutch television program, in which youth with handicaps are consulted and talk about their lives and handicaps. Pieter is a healthy boy, but at his 26th everything changed after a brain hemorrhage. After several surgeries and years of rehabilitation is Pieter recovered, but with disabilities. Tim hofman, presenter of ‘Je Zal Het Maar Hebben’ cycles along with Pieter on the recumbent tricycle Easy Sport.

Recumbent trike electric Van Raam Easy Sport

Traffic Exam with double rider cycle on tv

‘Max maakt Mogelijk‘ organized a traffic exam, to win a Van Raam Fun2Go double rider cycle. Three groups of older people have battled against each other, to win a special price, the Fun2Go double rider cycle.
Exercise is important, also for elderly people. When riding on a normal bicycle is no longer possible, a double rider cycle is a good solution.The Fun2Go is a three-wheel tandem, in which the users sit beside each other. At the Fun2Go double rider cycle two people can enjoy cycling together.

Electric side by side tandem bike Fun2Go Van Raam
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