Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts


Tweewieler tells: 3D printing of 40.000 Van Raam parts

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Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts

Tweewieler visited Van Raam and wrote an article about how Van Raam uses 3D printing in the production of special needs bicycles. Read the article and discover more about innovation at Van Raam.

Visit Tweewieler at Van Raam

Tweewieler is an important Dutch magazine and digital platform for the bicycle sector.Jan-Willem Boezel, Technical Director at Van Raam, invited Tweewieler to the bicycle factory of Van Raam in Varsseveld to see how 3D printing is used in the production of special needs bicycles. During this visit, Jan-Willem and Sjoerd (Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Van Raam) were interviewed by Tweewieler. Tweewieler has written about this on their website (create an account to read the article in Dutch). Read more about the interview with Jan-Willem and Sjoerd below.

Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts
On the left Sjoerd ter Horst and on the right Jan-Willem Boezel. Source: Tweewieler. Photo: Hans Prinsen

3D printing 40.000 bicycle parts a year

In 2020, 40.000 bicycle parts were printed at Van Raam with the 3D printer for the production of special needs bicycles. In 2021, this number was even 60.000. The 3D printing of bicycle parts is used for various purposes. Tweewieler writes: “With 3D printing, they produce parts on demand, keep stock in the form of digital files and produce tools that make their production process more efficient.”

Furthermore, the 3D printers at Van Raam are used for:

  • The printing of parts to scale (prototyping and product development)
  • The printing of moulds and tools for the production and assembly department.

3D printing provides opportunities.

Jan-Willem Boezel

A frontrunner in the bicycle industry

Jan-Willem indicated that, in contrast to the car industry, 3D printing technology is still little used in the bicycle sector. Van Raam continuously monitors the developments of 3D printing technology, because they are changing rapidly. They look at how 3D printing can be used even more. Jan-Willem says: “3D printing provides opportunities for producing special needs bicycles.”

Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts colour machine
Two printed parts in the colouring machine where they are given a colour. Source: Tweewieler. Photo: Hans Prinsen

An advantage of 3D printing is that we can easily adapt products.

Jan-Willem Boezel

3D printing of a bicycle frame

Not only bicycle parts are being printed. Van Raam is also looking at the 3D printing of a bicycle frame. Jan-Willem says: “Together with the HAN (Dutch university) and dddrop 3D printers (manufacturer of 3D printers) we want to explore the boundaries of 3D printing.” The advantages that are seen here are:

  • Efficient stock management
  • Easy customisation of products
  • Greater independence from suppliers
  • Constantly innovating

For example, one of the largest 3D printed tricycles in the world was produced at Van Raam for a graduation project of a student. Read more about this in the article ‘Children’s tricycle Husky from 3D printer at Van Raam’.

Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts SolidWorks
Source: Tweewieler. Photo: Hans Prinsen

Bicycle parts from the 3D metal printer

Meanwhile, Van Raam also owns a 3D metal printer and is investigating the possibilities of printing specialist bicycle parts. Sjoerd ter Horst says in the interview with Tweewieler that Van Raam does a lot of testing. It is a new technology, so additional knowledge can be gained of high quality. Because of this, many different departments within Van Raam are involved in the design and the engineers have a lot of freedom in designing parts.

The way of thinking and designing is different with metal printers than with 3D printers, it is important that the engineers apply this as well as possible to make the technology successful at new parts.

Source: Tweewieler

Tweewieler tells 3D printing of 40000 Van Raam bicycle parts metal printer
A bicycle part printed with the 3D metal printer at Van Raam. Source: Tweewieler. Photo: Hans Prinsen

Van Raam is more than a bicycle manufacturer.

Sjoerd ter Horst

3D printing at Van Raam

Do you want to know more about 3D printing at Van Raam? In the article ‘Bicycle parts from the 3D printer at Van Raam’ you can find out why Van Raam started using 3D printers, which 3D printers are used, and what is printed with these. Or watch the video about 3D printing techniques at Van Raam below:

3D scanner

Innovation is very important at Van Raam. We continuously look at how processes and products can be improved. That is why we also use a 3D scanner. See the article ‘Three major questions and answers of the Van Raam 3D scanner’ to find out all about the 3D scanner.

Van Raam 3D scanner

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