tricycle and miniscooter


Tricycle and mobility scooter in one

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tricycle and miniscooter

We received a very nice photo and video of Mrs. Bockting on her Easy Go mobility scooter / scooter bike. She has ridden over 5000 kilometers on her tricycle!

Tricycle, electric cycle and mobility scooter

The Easy Go mobility scooter is a very special tricycle because it can be used in three different modes:

  • Cycling without electric pedal support

  • Cycling with electric pedal support

  • 100% electric, mobility scooter (no pedaling). In this mode a throttle allows you to ride 5, 10 or 15 km per hour

Testing special needs bicycles

Before Mrs. Bockting purchased her Van Raam mobility scooter she visited our showroom in Varsseveld for a live demonstration of the tricycle and to try it for herself. To acquaint herself with the tricycle and to determine whether or not it would be the right fit for her, she borrowed the Easy Go through our dealer in Ulft Rijwielhandel Fraser. It turned out to be just perfect for her and now she loves riding around on her Easy Go mobility scooter.

tricycle and miniscooter

This is the perfect bicycle for me. The seating is very comfortable. A very nice tricycle.

Mrs. Bockting from Silvolde (The Netherlands)

Video mobility scooter tricycle

In the video below you will see Thea Bockting ride the Easy Go mobility scooter tricycle. She chose the Easy Go in the dark shadow / silver color with two rearview mirrors. With the electric pedal support she is able to cross the dike effortlessly.

When Mrs. Bockting feels tired, she can fold down the footrest and continue her ride in the scooter mode. This way she no longer has to pedal and can let her feet rest on the footrest.

Update: 5,000 km on Easy Go tricycle

Af few months later wereceived a new message from Thea Bockting about her experiences with the tricycle. 

“Last year March I bought one of your Easy Go basic tricycles! I’ve had the tricycle for 15 months now and I thought you would like from me. According to the odometer I have ridden over 5,000 kilometers! 

And this tricycle is amazing. I am full of praise for the tricycle and I love writing this! A lot of people ask me how I like this tricycle, so of course I advertise Van Raam. This is truly a tricycle for elderly and people with balance problems like myself.

This bike allows me to go everywhere. I even rode the 4daagse* in Varsseveld! Wonderful, that is what I have to say to you. Thea Bockting”

*Annual event during which people walk 5 or 10 kilometers 4 days/evenings in a row

On behalf of everyone at Van Raam we wish Mrs. Bockting many more safe rides on her mobility scooter bike!

View the Easy Go

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