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Van Raam
Mobility scooter bike van Raam

In the videos below you will see how the compact and turnable Easy Go Scooter Bike from Van Raam works.

(Electric) Tricycle and mobility scooter in one

The Easy Go mobility scooter bike is an unique tricycle because this adjusted bike can be used in 3 different ways:

  1. You can ride the trike by just pedaling.

  2. You can ride it by pedaling with electric pedal support and it is possible to ride backwards.

  3. You can use 100% electric power assist (Forwards and backwards).  

Instruction Easy Go scooterbike

In the videos below we will show you the different ways and functions of the Easy Go mobility scooter/scooter bike. For example:

  • Electric support for riding forward and backwards in the mobility scooter function.

  • 3 different kind of speeds in the mobility scooter function.

  • Easy and quick change between mobility scooter function and cycling function without stepping down.

  • Can also be used as an electric tricycle with 3 support possibilities.

  • Starting aid for the tricycle.

  • Cycling backwards with the electric pedal support system.

Read more about this tricycle, electric bike and mobility scooter in one, on the page of the Easy Go

Testpanel test mobility scooter trike Easy Go

The test panel from Scouters, an indepent platform with helping aids for people with restricted movement, has tested the Easy Go mobility scooter bike. 

Ideal combination between a cycle and mobility scooter

Testpanel Scouters

Want to try the electric mobility scooter bike?

When you want to know more about this unique electric tricycle and electric mobility scooter in one and want to make a test ride? Please contact our showroom in Varsseveld (Netherlands) and make an appointment, +31 315-257370. One of our advisors loves to help you.

Mobility scooter bike van Raam
Easy Go as a electric mobility scooter and as a tricycle


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