Easy Rider Small replaces tricycle Easy Rider Junior


Easy Rider Small replaces tricycle Easy Rider Junior

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Easy Rider Small replaces tricycle Easy Rider Junior

As of January 1, 2023, the Easy Rider Small will be the name of the Easy Rider Junior tricycle with seat. This name better suits the bike, which is suitable for small adults as well as children from circa 4 years of age. Together with the Easy Rider, which is available in both size M and L, Van Raam offers this way a sporty tricycle for all ages and body sizes.

Sporty tricycle Easy Rider Small (Junior)

The Easy Rider Small is a tricycle that offers a lot of stability due to the low center of gravity and also has a low step-through. The bike fits well with sporty-minded small adults and children. The seat with back support and the suspension in the frame provide extra riding comfort during bicycle trips. Thanks to the unique frame, you make a forward pedaling motion while cycling, allowing you to apply more force with your legs.

Benefits of the Easy Rider Small

  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort
  • Small turning radius
  • Fits through a regular door opening
  • Pedal support possible (e-bike)
Sporty tricycle Easy Rider Small

Van Raam expands Easy Rider family with the Small

Van Raam's Easy Rider family currently consists of the following tricycles:

Easy Rider Small with pedal assist

It is possible to optionally equip the Easy Rider Small with the Silent system. This system provides pedal assist while cycling and makes cycling easier. Some benefits of the Silent system are:

  • Three different levels of support
  • Noiseless; yet very powerful motors
  • Starting aid
  • Individually programmable pedal support for your needs
  • Forward and backward pedalling support (not for two-wheel bikes and backpedal brake)

More about pedal assist

Van Raam Easy Rider Small with pedal assist

Other options for the Easy Rider Small

To make the Easy Rider Small even better suit your needs, there are several options you can add to your tricycle. Think of balance pedals to prevent your foot from sliding off the pedal, footrests or a mirror to be able to look behind you. See all available options on the price list on the product page.

Easy Rider Small (Junior)

More information about the Easy Rider Small?

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