side by side tandem with trailer for care farm


Side-by-side tandem with trailer for 'care farm'

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side by side tandem with trailer for care farm

Since February 9, 2018, an adult day center in Beek en Donk (the Netherlands) has a Fun2Go side-by-side tandem with a double rider trailer. With the help of a local supermarket, donations and a few campaigns, the clients and caregivers of ‘Zorgboerderij de Liesvelden’ saved enough money. From now on they will cycle with their double rider cycle and thanks to the trailer, it is possible to cycle with four people at once. With the electrical pedal support, the clients and caregivers can cycle without too much effort.

Bicycle train for clients 'care farm'

Nicolle Kanters and her husband have been the owner of their adult day center for more than ten years, they run the day center in combination with their dairy farm. Nicolle had already tried the side-by-side tandem in a nearby village and she thought it would be a great opportunity for her clients.

They then started saving and participated in various campaigns, such as the Color Fun, where people with a disability had to follow a route to raise money for charity. The manager of the local supermarket also wanted to help the ‘care farm’. For the past two years he has helped to raise the money. 

side by side tandem with trailer for care farm
The self-named ‘bicycle care train’ arrives at the ‘care farm’ (Photo: Johan Maas)

The 9th of February it was finally time to pick up the Fun2Go with the Funtrain at a dealer nearby. When Nicolle arrived at the ‘care farm’, all the clients and caregivers were there to welcome her and to admire the new side-by-side tandem with trailer. They cannot wait to use the bike and go out for a picnic. 

In a Dutch newspaper was an article about ‘Zorgboerderij de Liesvelden’ with their Fun2Go double rider cycle and the Funtrain double rider trailer.

side by side tandem with trailer
cycling on a double rider cycle with trailer
Side-by-side tandem with trailer for 'care farm'

Nicolle Kanters receives the 'bicycle care train'

The owner of ‘Zorgboerderij de Liesvelden’ receives the ‘bicycle care train’ from a Van Raam dealer. The clients are waiting at the ‘care farm’ and they are full of excitement, they can not wait to use the bike. In the video below you can see how the bike is used for the first time.

The Fun2Go and Funtrain

The Fun2Go is a three-wheel tandem where you sit next to each other. One person is the driver and the other person can ride along as a co-driver. The double rider trailer, the Funtrain, can be attached behind the Fun2Go and can also accommodate two persons. This way, an attendant can safely ride with three co-drivers. 

The Fun2Go is available with multiple options. ‘Zorgboerderij de Liesvelden’ has armrests and foot fixations attached to their double rider cycle. The bike also has electrical pedal support and they have chosen to have their bike powder coated in the nice color ‘Fire Red’.

Side by side tandems

FunTrain tandem bicycle trailer by Van Raam
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