retirement center in usa van raam side by side tandem


Side-by-side tandem for residents of retirement center

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Van Raam
retirement center in usa van raam side by side tandem

Park Centre is a community for Healthy Living active adults 55 and over in Newton, Iowa. The residents now have a Van Raam side by side tandem. They received their bicycle on September 11th, 2018. The Van Raam double rider cycle was purchased from our USA-dealer All Ability Cycles.

Side-by-side tandem through sponsorship

The resident’s new Van Raam side-by-side tandem Fun2Go was purchased completely from donated funds. 

A part of the amount came from a Park Centre spaghetti dinner during Newton’s RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI is the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which is a non-competitive bicycle ride across the state of Iowa with recreational riders from across the whole world. The remainder of the amount was paid by an anonymous donor.

On the photo below you see a resident of Park Centre during the spaghetti dinner-fundraiser at RAGBRAI. The resident sits on the Van Raam wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus.

wheelchair transport bike with elderly fundraiser

Enjoying the electric side-by-side tandem bike

The longest-served resident, Doris Immell, was the chosen one. She was the one to cut the ribbon to officially use the double rider cycle. Their new bike allows residents with mobility issues to enjoy fresh air, get some exercise and increase their mental and physical health.

The side-by-side tandem of Park Centre is purchased from Van Raam dealer All Ability Cycles. All Ability Cycles is one of our dealers in the USA. They sell all kinds of special needs bikes, including from Van Raam. All Ability are established in Jefferson, Iowa.

Thanks to the electric pedal support, the residents can easily cycle for a longer time. The electrical pedal support is developed by Van Raam and is called the Silent System. This system is very easy to use. The motor is, as the name says, fully noiseless and powerful. The batteries are of high quality and it is possible to cycle forwards and backwards. With the Van Raam smartphone app, the residents can change the bike settings and they can view their current cycle data. 

retirement center in usa van raam side by side tandem

Residents try out tricycles

The residents of Parc Centre also got the chance to try other bikes from Van Raam, provide by All Ability Cycles. On the picture you see a resident with the tricycle Easy Rider. The staff and residents enjoyed biking around Newton.

This tricycle Easy Rider is a tricycle for adults with a comfortable seating with backrest. The low centre of gravity and steering in front gives the rider a safe and secure feeling.The forward pedaling motion and the frame suspension ensure a perfectly comfortable ride.

residents retirement centre try out van raam tricycle
side by side tandem fun2go double rider cycle van raam

Side-by-side tandem Fun2go

The residents of Park Centre cycle on a red side-by-side Fun2Go tandem with electric pedal support.

View all information about the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem on the Fun2Go product page.

View the Fun2Go

easy rider tricycle for adults

Tricycle Easy Rider

The residents of Park Centre cycled through Newton on a red Easy Rider tricycle. 

View all information about the Easy Rider tricycle on the Easy Rider product page.

View Easy Rider

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