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Difference between the scooter bike and the mobility scooter

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Mobility scooter bike (bike and mobility scooter)

There are more and more people who opt for a mobility scooter when walking or cycling is not possible (anymore). With a mobility scooter you stay mobile and you can go on your own. At Van Raam we produce the Easy Go scooter bike. This is a combination of an electric tricycle and mobility scooter. In this article you will get more information and some major differences between a mobility scooter and Van Raam's scooter bike.

Mobility scooter

A mobility scooter is an electrically powered driven scooter with 3, 4 or 5 wheels. A scooter is mainly used by disabled people or people with reduced mobility.

Operating a mobility scooter

A mobility scooter has its own control system with levers and buttons and is very different from driving a car or bicycle. The buttons are often used to indicate direction, use the lighting or switch the mobility scooter on and off. The levers are used to brake or to give gas.

Before you going to hit the road with a mobility scooter, it is also important to get used to the operation of the gas / brake combination. The operation often works against your every instinct. The (hand) brake on a bicycle, for example, is sometimes the gas handle on a mobility scooter. With most mobility scooters you give gas by squeezing the speed control lever and you brake by releasing the lever. To brake, the speed control lever on the steering wheel must be released. The brake system is thus activated when the speed control lever is released. That is completely opposite to the hand brakes of a bicycle. According to traffic psychologist Gerard Tertoolen, this is a dangerous technique, because people fall back on their unconscious reflexes in a panic situation and hold on to the steering wheel instead of letting go.

Arise of the scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam
Scooter bike Easy Go

Arise of the scooter bike

The idea for the scooter bike was conceived because we, as a bicycle manufacturer, found it remarkable that a lot of mobility scooter users are driving to a physiotherapist, to then cycle there on an exercise bike.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists were very enthusiastic about our idea for the scooter bike, a bicycle that you can use as a (electrical) bike or as a mobility scooter. Users of a mobility scooter sit still and do not move, users of the Easy Go can decide for themselves whether they want to cycle (with or without electric pedal support) or want to drive in the scooter setting(all electric). So, there is still the possibility to move, something that is not the case with the traditional mobility scooter.

Several Easy Go prototypes have been made and a compact version with 3 wheels has been chosen. In 2014, the Easy Go scooter bike was added to our range of customized bikes.

Van Raam's Easy Go is not just a scooter, but a bicycle, electric tricycle and mobility scooter in one. This way you can alternate between cycling and driving with the scooter bike.

Scooter bike Easy Go

The Easy Go scooter bike is a tricycle, electric tricycle and mobility scooter in one. This unique product has been developed so people with fluctuating pathology or energy level always have the right transport and can choose how they want to cycle / ride:
With this bike you have 3 options:

  • Cycling without pedal suport (bicycle setting)

  • Cycling with pedal support, both forwards and backwards (bicycle setting)

  • Driving fully electric, both forwards and backwards with 5, 10 of 15 km per hour (mobility scooter setting)

Scooter bike as a bicycle and as a Mobility scooter Van Raam
Mobility scooter bike as a bicycle (left) and as a mobility scooter (right)

You can alternate between a tricycle and mobility scooter (mobility scooter setting) by putting the footboard/step down with your foot or hand. As soon as you fold the footboard up again, the drive is automatically activated via the pedals and you can cycle (biycle setting). Read all the specal features in the article 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Go scooter bike'.

View all details of the mobility scooter bike on the Easy Go product page. Here you can also download the pricelist and see which options you can add (such as a mirror, direction indicator, stick holder, extra battery and a belt).

Check out the Easy Go product page

If you have not enough power to just cycle, the Easy Go is the ideal solution, because you can really use it as a mobility scooter. An ideal step between a bicycle and a mobility scooter.

Controlling the scooter bike

You control the lighting, the amount of pedal support and speed (3 positions) of the Easy Go with a manual control on your steering wheel. With the mobility scooter setting you accelerate withthe thumb speed control lever (standard) or hand speed control lever (optional). To come to a halt, both in the bicycle setting and in the mobility scooter setting, you use the parking brake(s). This works the same as with a bicycle with hand brakes. Standard, the right-hand brake operates the brake on the front wheel and the left-hand brake operates the brake on the rear wheel. If desired, this can also be the other way around. When you get up and off and park the Easy Go, it is wise to use the parking brake.

Manual control on the steering wheel Scooter bike Van Raam
Tip-up footboard scooter bike Van Raam
Braking with the hand braken scooter bike Van Raam

Instruction video Easy Go mobility scooter bike

Do you want to know how the Easy Go works? View the instruction video below.

Mobility scooter vs scooter bike

The schedule below shows several differences between a scooter and the Easy Go scooter bike. A big difference, for example, is the way how the vehicle comes to a halt. With a mobility scooter, this is by releasing a lever and with the scooter bike you use the handbrake(s), just like a bicycle. In addition, on the scooter bike you sit and accelerate, whereas with the scooter bike you have the choice cycle along and thus move, which is good for your health.

Mobility scooter Scooter bike Easy Go
Number of wheels3, 4 or 53 (+ 2 anti-tip wheels)
Drivefully electric3 options: cycle, cycle with pedal support or driving fully electric
Acceleratesqueezing speed control leverthumb speed control lever (standaard) or hand speed control lever (additional price)
Brakesrelease speed control leversqueezing handbrake(s), just like a bicycle
Speedvaries per modelchoice between 3 speeds with mobility scooter setting (5, 10 or 15 km/hour)
Insuranceliability insurance obligatedliability insurance obligated
Sizevaries by modelvery compact; fits through a regular door

Buying a scooter bike

Are you interested in buying a scooter bike? A comprehensive explanation and test ride is very important to experience how is to ride on this tricycle or to ride with the mobility scooter setting. You can make a free test at our factory in Varsseveld by appointment.

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