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Compensation adapted bicycles in the Netherlands

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Compensation for adapted bicycles

In this article, we provide you with more information about the reimbursement of an adapted bicycle. If you live independently and need an adapted bicycle to move around your home and outside, the municipality may provide for this through the Social Support Act (WMO). The WMO is a law that aims to ensure that you receive the support you need to live and move independently. Every municipality has a WMO counter where you can inquire whether you are eligible for reimbursement for an adapted bicycle, such as a tricycle or tandem bicycle. Also, in this article, you can find information about other reimbursements that may be available for an adapted bicycle.

Will my bicycle be reimbursed by the municipality?

Every municipality is required to offer assistance to its residents to ensure that they can continue to live independently at home. Your municipality provides advice on this matter and can provide assistance under the Social Support Act (WMO), either in-kind or through a Personal Budget (PGB). This includes resources that enable you to walk and move around your home and surroundings, as well as resources that allow you to travel within your municipality or region.

Through the Regelhulp provided by the Dutch government, you can learn more about the assistance your municipality can offer you (in Dutch). Please note: the regulations applied by municipalities may vary, so it is important to first inquire with your own municipality about the possibilities of reimbursing an aid.

As of January 1, 2019, the personal contribution for the WMO is the same for everyone. This means that your income or assets are no longer taken into account when calculating a personal contribution. The above adjustment has been made to ensure that care and support remain affordable. The personal contribution from 2024 amounts to a maximum of €20.60 per month. If it concerns a provision for a child, the costs for a personal contribution are waived.

Would you like to know more about the personal contribution for the WMO? Visit the website of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport 'The WMO' for more information (in Dutch).

Compensation adapted bicycles

Compensation for long-term stay in an institution

If you live in a care institution, aids that you need for a long time are reimbursed under the Long-term Care Act (WLZ). Examples of WLZ institutions include nursing homes, facilities for people with disabilities, and mental health care institutions. Individuals are entitled to mobility aids, such as a adapted bicycle for transportation:

  • inside and around the institution or residence to enhance self-sufficiency; and

  • in the local community for social contact

Since 1-1-2020, it is possible for all WLZ-entitled clients to request a tricycle from the care office. The involved occupational therapist can initiate an application and provide the care office with justification for why the bicycle is needed.

Bicycle reimbursement during institutional stay

Compensation for transportation aid to work

Are you dependent on a means of transportation to get to work and, for example, need compensation for an adapted bicycle? You can apply for reimbursement at the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). This is also possible if you do not receive benefits from the UWV. Please note that you should first submit an application to the UWV before purchasing an adapted bicycle. The UWV collaborates with fixed suppliers.

Compensation for transportation aid to work

Compensation for personal injury

If you suffer personal injury due to someone else's fault, you are entitled to compensation. If you require reimbursement for an adapted bicycle after the accident, you may be able to recover these costs. In case of personal injury, seek advice from an expert, such as a personal injury specialist or personal injury lawyer.

Advice and assistance with applying for compensation

An occupational therapist can assist you in finding the appropriate adapted bicycle and may also help with submitting an application to the municipality.

If you have requested an aid from the municipality but do not receive what you need, you can address questions and reports to the National Care Number of the advocacy organization Ieder(in) (in Dutch).

On the website of Scouters, an independent website offering advice and innovative aids for and by people who want to move better, their caregivers and professionals, there is also a lot written about reimbursements for aids (in Dutch).

Advice on applying for bicycle reimbursement

Reimbursement for City walking aid by health insurance

The City walking aid from Van Raam is often (partially) reimbursed by health insurance companies.

Different ways to finance an adapted bicycle

If you are not entitled to reimbursement for your adapted bicycle through the municipality, you can also purchase the bicycle privately. You can choose to use your own bank account to pay for the bicycle, but you may also be able to gather the required amount through a fundraising campaign.

In addition, there are various charities and foundations that may be able to assist you. These include the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Hersenstichting. Learn more about the possibilities in the article ‘Tips for raising money for a special needs bike’.

Ways to finance a customized bicycle

Leasing an adapted bicycle from Van Raam

If you do not qualify for any of the above reimbursements, you can choose to lease a Van Raam bicycle. This can be done through two of our Premium dealers, namely Care4More and Welzorg Shop. offers Private Lease for adapted bicycles. With Private Lease you have a brand new adapted Van Raam bicycle for a fixed monthly fee.

At Care4More it is also possible to lease adapted bicycles. Learn more about this option in the article: 'Lease a Van Raam special needs bike’.

Lease a Van Raam special needs bike

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