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5 advantages of the Mini tricycle for children

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Van Raam Mini tricycle

The Mini is a tricycle for children that is part of Van Raam's product range. But what makes this tricycle special? Discover the 5 advantages of the Mini tricycle in this article.

The Mini tricycle for children

The Mini tricycle from Van Raam is specially designed for children who cannot ride a standard bicycle. Below, explore the advantages of the Mini compared to a standard bicycle for children:

1. Pedal assistance on the Mini

It is possible to opt for pedal assistance on the Mini tricycle. This Van Raam Silent system ensures that cycling is made easier. With pedal assistance, you have three support levels, the ability to pedal backward, and a starting aid to quickly get moving. Due to safety considerations, the support is limited to 15 km per hour.

Read more on the pedal assistance page about this option.

Pedal assist

Van Raam Mini tricycle with pedal assist

2. Many options available

In addition to pedal assistance, there are many options available for the Mini. With these options, the tricycle is completely customized to the specific preferences or needs of the cyclist. For example, it is possible to attach a push bar to the back, choose footrests, a backrest with a belt, or make adjustments to the crank. Check the options page to see all the possibilities for the Mini tricycle.

View all Mini options

Push bar Van Raam tricycle

With the many options available, the tricycle is fully customized to the specific preferences or needs of the cyclist.

3. Easy mounting

Getting on the Mini is easy because the tricycle has a very low entry. This means the foot does not need to be lifted too high, and the knee does not need to be bent too much. Taking a seat on the bike is very easy and possible with minimal effort.

4. Standard luggage rack

The tricycle comes standard with a luggage rack behind the seat. This makes it easy to carry luggage while cycling.

Van Raam Mini tricycle with low entry

5. Growing with the bike

The Mini is a traditional tricycle. In addition to the Mini, Van Raam offers several traditional tricycles in its range. Because the frame sizes vary per bike, a child can grow with the bike. If the Mini eventually becomes too small, the Midi tricycle may be suitable. The advantage of this is that the child is already accustomed to this way of cycling, making the transition to another bike easy.

The traditional tricycles from Van Raam are:

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