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For each Van Raam bicycle there are a lot of options available to configure the bike to your own specifications. Besides the basic options Van Raam also provides custom modifications. 

The options available for your bike are classified per type bike. You can find these options in the pricelist of the bike of your choice. The price list of the Van Raam bicycles shows the costs of the accessories and which are available for that specific bicycle.

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Preferred control option Van Raam bikes

Preferred control

The preferred control option is often chosen by people with reduced muscle strength or mobility in one hand.

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Van Raam tricycle with cube easy release

Cube easy release

The Cube easy release is a convenient addition to the Cube battery of your Van Raam bicycle. The lever ensures that the Cube battery release button can be pressed with less force.

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van raam pedal assist

Pedal assist

Van Raam has its own electrical pedal support; the Silent System. The motor, battery, controller, smart display and software are developed especially for special needs bikes.

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Option foot fixation on Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem

Foot fixation

With many Van Raam bicycles it is possible to mount foot fixation on one or more pedals. This provides you with more stability and security while cycling.

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Van Raam bike with speedometer bike computer


Would you like to see how fast you are cycling and/or how many kilometres you have travelled while cycling? This is possible with the Union speedometer.

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Basket tricycle Van Raam


Van Raam offers various types of bicycle baskets. A bicycle basket is a convenient addition to a bike and makes it easy to transport items while cycling.

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Van Raam walking aids City in various colours

Colour on request

Each Van Raam bike has its own standard colour. We can also powder coat the bikes in a RAL colour on request. This way it is possible to personalize your bike.

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Van Raam special needs bikes uninterrupted handlebar with push brake

Special handles

In addition to the standard handlebar, Van Raam also has an uninterrupted handlebar. This handlebar is suitable for people who have difficulty holding the (standard) handlebar.

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Backrest support Kivo Plus three-wheel tandem Van Raam

Backrest support

The backrest support provides extra support when sitting on a Van Raam bicycle. It doesn't come with a belt; this can be ordered separately. The option is adjustable in height and depth.

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Gear lever option Van Raam

Gear lever

When you cannot change gears by hand to a higher or lower gear, for example when you have less strength in your hands, it is possible to place a gear lever on the gear handle.

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Eccentric crank Van Raam bikes

Eccentric crank

An eccentric crank can help individuals with limited knee and/or hip mobility by reducing the required knee movement/bend compared to the unaffected side.

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Cranck shortener option Van Raam bike

Crank shortener

If the leg-to-pedal length ratio leads to an improper cycling position, a crank shortener can help. It reduces the distance and your pedaling motion during cycling.

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All options in the configurator

You can also assemble your own bicycle with the online configuration tool and here you will also find a list of possible options and accessories.