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Wheelchair bike for sustainable mobility in Italy

In the Netherlands, but also globally, we see a greater need to do something active together with people in wheelchairs or people with disabilities.

Not only in the Netherlands, where we produce the Van Raam bikes, but also in other countries, there is a great demand for special needs bikes, like the VeloPlus wheelchair bike. For example, recently we transported the first Van Raam bikes to America and now we have a Van Raam dealer in Italy. The first VeloPlus wheelchair bike is now riding in Italy!      

Wheelchair Bike in Italy

Aspasso project: a sustainable mobility project.

In the town of Senigallia (or Sinigaglia in Old Italian), a commune and port town of the province of Ancona on Italy’s Adriatic coast, is a VeloPlus wheelchair bike purchased in the context of sustainable mobility. With this special needs wheelchair bike, you can transport people who are in wheelchairs, by bike. This is simple, fast and environmentally friendly.

bicicletta speciala
In the Italian media was also much attention tot his special wheelchair bike from the Netherlands.

Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

With the help of power assistance, you can easily cycle, even backwards. Together with a person with a disability, you cycle to the destination. The use of the bicycle is simple. Within a few minutes you know all the features and capabilities of this wheelchair bicycle, so also in Italy. 

Photos wheelchair bike in Italy

Aspasso Bike Srls, our dealer in Italië, who ordered the Van Raam wheelchair bike, hopes that there will be more wheelchair bikes in Italy.

Wheelchair transport bike
Bike for people in wheelchair