Van Raam bike install and test new components

When a new motor or controller is installed on a Van Raam bicycle it must first be installed and tested. As the service service of a dealer is very important to ensure the mobility of the customer, Van Raam gives in this video and article a detailed instruction how to do this exactly and thus provide the best performance of the system for the customer. So in this article and accompanying video you will learn how you, as a dealer, can read and test new components. 

Van Raam Dealer

Van Raam adapted bicycles can be bought from dealers all over the world. These dealers take care of the service and arrange the warranty. As a Van Raam dealer it is important to provide good service and to adjust the settings as necessary. Because this gives the customer the best possible service and performance. Do you want to know more about dealers and the different types of Van Raam dealers? Then read the article "Find a Van Raam dealer near you". If you have any questions, you can always contact your dealer or contact Van Raam. 

Import and test new components as a Van Raam dealer

Watch the following video to see how you as a dealer can read and test new components such as controller and motor. 

Why instal in and test components?

When a new controller or motor is mounted on a Van Raam bicycle, for example because you have not had an electric assist on the bicycle, they must be coupled together to give the best possible performance. They have to be coupled to each other, this is done during the "installation", which means during the connection with the Van Raam dealer tool. The tests ensure that the controller knows the engine through and through. As a result, the motor and the controller work together to give the best performance for the customer.

Video Van Raam bikes – install and test new components

See below how you as a Van Raam dealer can install and test new components step by step

Van Raam bicycle instal and test new components

Step 1:

Connect your bike as shown in the video "In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool".

Step 2:

Go to "Diagnosis" and go through all the tests step by step.

Note: During the tests, the bike must hang freely from the ground.

Video Van Raam Bikes - New components

Step 3:

During sensor test forward: here turn the pedals forward to perform the test.

Step 4:

To perform the sensor test backwards: here, turn the pedals backward to perform the test. 

Van Raam bicycle new components read and test further tests

Step 5:

For the rest of the tests you only need to click on the test. They will then be executed automatically. Here you do not need to perform anything else manually on the bike.

Step 6:  

As soon as a test is successfully completed, a green checkmark will appear.

In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool

Connect and read out the dealer tool in 7 steps

Would you like to learn how a Van Raam dealer can connect and read out a Van Raam bicycle with the Van Raam dealer tool? Find out in the article and in the accompanying video: "In 7 steps connect and read out Van Raam dealer tool"

Connect in 7 steps
Van Raam Händler Tool anpasen und dublizieren von Rezepten

Change recipes in the dealer tool

From time to time it happens that customers need different settings in the pedal assistance, depending on the disability and needs. Do you want to customize recipes in the dealer tool? To change and duplicate recipes, your bike must be connected to the Van Raam software. Learn how you can duplicate and customize bicycle recipes, programs, in the article and video: "Adapting and duplicating recipes as a Van Raam dealer

Rezepte anpassen

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