Battery electric bicycle Van Raam

Tips for the optimum battery life of Van Raam’s electric bicycles

During the cold winter months the batteries of Van Raam’s electric bicycles need some extra care. We provide you with a few tips so you can enjoy your electric bicycle during this time of the year. 

  • Extreme cold is a battery’s biggest enemy. Ensure that your battery is not in a cold environment for longer periods of time. It is best to take the battery inside, preferably somewhere fairly warm. They function best at room temperature. 
  • Charge your battery in a warm environment.
  • A lithium ion battery should be fully charged and fully used the first five times. After, you can recharge the battery whenever you want. 
  • For nickel-metal hydride and lead batteries it is best always to fully charge and discharge them.
  • Lead batteries may discharge when they remain unused for a longer period of time and when they are exposed to (extreme) cold. Make sure to charge your battery regularly to prevent damage and deep discharge.