This Van Raam bike changes colour while cycling

With Van Raam's new revolutionary Easy Colour Ink technology, it is possible to change the colour of the frame of the Easy Rider Compact tricycle while cycling. Using millions of microcapsules and electrical signals, the bike can change colour or pattern at any time. Users of the Easy Rider Compact will soon be able to experience this unique and personalized cycling experience.

Video: Easy Rider Compact tricycle changes colour while you ride

With the Easy Colour Ink technology it is possible to change the colour of your bike.
Change Easy Rider Compact bicycle color with Easy Colour Ink technology from Van Raam

Advantages of the revolutionary Easy Colour Ink technology

This new technology offers many benefits for the cyclist:

  • Adjust the bike colour to your personal preference or mood

  • Make your bike stand out in busy/dangerous traffic situations

  • Eco-friendly choice (no extra materials or painting needed)

How to change the bike colour with the Easy Colour Ink technology?

The colour of the bike frame can be adjusted by operating the Silent smart display. With the button module of the display, you can manually select the desired colour. To do this, press and hold the mode button and the plus button for 2 seconds. This will take you to the settings of the Silent smart display. Then click on 'Easy Colour Ink mode' to enter the Easy Colour mode.

There are 3 categories to choose from in the Easy Colour mode:

  1. There is a basic category, which gives you a choice of more than 100 colours;
  2. In the disco category, the frame changes colour constantly;
  3. In the print category, you can choose a frame with a pattern, such as tiger print, flower print, or polka dots.
The Easy Colour Ink technology is a sustainable solution with which you stand out in traffic.
Easy Colour Ink technology Van Raam for the Easy Rider Compact tricycle

How does the Easy Colour Ink technology work?

The Easy Colour Ink technology is an innovative powder coating developed for and by Van Raam. With this technology, the cyclist can change the colour of a Van Raam bike frame during a cycling trip.

The Easy Colour Ink powder coating has millions of microcapsules. With electrical signals, the microcapsules with negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments can be controlled, creating different shades or patterns.

Available soon for your Easy Rider Compact

The Van Raam Easy Rider Compact is a comfortable tricycle specially designed for small adults and large children. The Easy Colour Ink technology will soon be available for the Easy Rider Compact tricycle with pedal assistance and in the future for other bikes with the Silent smart display.

Any questions?

Would you like to know more about this innovative technology? Or about the Easy Rider Compact? Please contact us, we are happy to help.