Studded tires for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

Have you ever thought about the tires on your bike? They can make a big difference to your riding behavior. Besides the standard tires and the optional SmartGuard tires, you can also choose studded tires for your Easy Rider tricycle.

Studded tires Easy Rider tricycle Van Raam

What are studded tires?

A studded tire is a type of tire made of a flexible rubber compound. Because the tire has extra tread, you have good grip from start to finish. This also makes the studded tire have a sporty and stylish appearance.

Advantages studded tire

The studded tire has good handling characteristics and several advantages, namely:

  • The angular studs of the tire provide extra grip.

  • Good rolling resistance and optimal speed.

  • ​Extra suspension while cycling.

  • The studded tread is made so that you can cycle on different terrains and in different weather conditions in a pleasant and safe way. From asphalt to gravel and forest roads, from grass to sand and from summer weather to rain and snow.

  • The tire has an anti-puncture coating: extra puncture protection.

  • The tire has a long lifespan.

Van Raam studded tire Easy Rider tricycle

For whom is the studded tire suitable?

Van Raam's studded tire is suitable for people with an Easy Rider 3 tricycle. It is the perfect tire for people who ride on many different surfaces and people who live in the countryside. Also, the tire is ideal for people who like a sporty, tough yet stylish look. Please note: the studded tire is currently not suitable for the Easy Rider 2 tricycle or other Van Raam bikes.

Van Raam studded tires price Easy Rider tricycle

What is the price of the studded tire?

You can find the price of the studded tire, along with the item code, on the price list. You can find the price list on the product page of the Easy Rider.

Easy Rider product page

Where can I order the studded tires?

Do you already have an Easy Rider 3 with another type of tire and would you like to have the studded tires on your tricycle? Then please contact your Van Raam dealer. Don't you have an Easy Rider yet, but you want to order one with studded tires? This is possible at one of our dealers. Click on the button below to find a Van Raam dealer in your area.

Van Raam dealers
Configure your Van Raam bike in 5 steps

Configure your own Easy Rider with studded tires

It is possible to use the online configurator of Van Raam to configure your Easy Rider. This can be done in a few steps. You can choose from different options, such as the color of your bike, pedal assistance and also the type of tire. All selected options are visible in the overview of the configurator on the page. You can immediately see what the chosen configuration costs.

Configure Easy Rider

Video: 5 advantages of the studded tires on the Easy Rider


Do you have any questions about the studded tires for the Easy Rider tricycle? Then please contact Van Raam. See below for our contact information: