Pedelec recumbent trike for Magnushof

The clients of Magnushof got their beautiful recumbent pedelec trike.While cycling on this Fun2Go companion bike two persons can sit next to each other.
At Magnushof, this therapy trike is used both inside and outside. The attendant and the passenger can cycle safe and comfortable together. Due to the pedal support, cycling is easy to do, also as the passenger is not cycling along. The driver can determine whether the passenger pedals along in equal speed, pedals fully on its own, or not at all. The foundation “Together friends” , collected the money by organizing Christmas markets, selling donuts and trunk markets. For many foundations or other fundraising events, donating the tandem companion cycle  is a positive action. Multiple people are excited about the bicycle, it contributes to healthy activities for the clients, the attendant likes it to be active as well, and the environment responds positively to this eye-catching bicycle. Often, the (local) press pays attention to these projects. This is positive for the sponsors.

pedelec recumbent trike