National certification mark mobility aids for Van Raam

Trade association Firevaned, the trade association for rehabilitation- and mobility aids, has taken the initiative to set up an independent label. In 2014, the National certification mark (In Dutch: Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen (NKH)) launched in the Netherlands.

By this certification mark companies can demonstrate that they do the maximum to ensure service, quality and availability. As a manufacturer of special needs bikes is Van Raam a member of Firevaned. We work together to the joint mission to work together to build a strong industry.

Van Raam has NKH-certificate

After registration to obtain the NKH, Van Raam is assessed by Keurmerkinstituut B.V., an independent certification institution, on requirements as products and services, laws and regulations, quality care, physical environment and service & warranty.

Certification mark (NKH)

During the audit the Keurmerkinstituut B.V. have ascertained that Van Raam meets all the requirements of the NKH, witch we have received the NKH-certificate and we are recorded in the NKH-register. Every year there will be a check if we still meets the requirements for the NKH.

See below the official NKH-certificate of Van Raam.

Van Raam NKH-certificate