Is a wheelchair bike also suitable for children?

Van Raam has various wheelchair bikes in its range. Read more about the Van Raam OPair wheelchair bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and find out whether they are suitable for children.

Is a wheelchair bike also suitable for children Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair

Van Raam wheelchair bikes for children

With Van Raam's wheelchair bikes, you can easily take along people who are dependent on a wheelchair. The wheelchair bikes are suitable for both adults and children. Children can (with a simple adjustment) be taken along as a passenger and there is also the option of taking a child along on the back of the bike.

Cycling together with Van Raam's wheelchair bikes

Van Raam offers two types of wheelchair bikes, the OPair and the VeloPlus. Both of these wheelchair bikes are also available as an electric version.

Is a wheelchair bike also suitable for children - Van Raam OPair wheelchair bike

OPair wheelchair bike

At the front of the OPair, a seat has been mounted for the passenger. The driver has a good overview of the passenger and the road. The OPair is also available with a divisible frame, allowing you to use the wheelchair bike as a wheelchair at your destination.

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Is a wheelchair bike also suitable for children - Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike can accommodate a person in a manual wheelchair up to 72 cm wide. Using the tiltable ramp, you can drive the passenger in the wheelchair onto the bike without any effort. The wheelchair is secured with the wheelchair lock.

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How are Van Raam wheelchair bikes suitable for children?

Read here how you can easily cycle with children on the Van Raam wheelchair bikes:

Child as a passenger on Van Raam's OPair wheelchair bike

Child as passenger on the OPair

  • The depth adjustable seat of the OPair can be adjusted to the body dimensions of the passenger. Optional side supports are available, allowing the seat width to be adjusted. This makes the bike also suitable for children and smaller adults.
  • Special 4- and 5-point belts are available for a child. Thanks to the belts, a child is firmly secured in the seat.
  • You can choose special footrests for a child (these are not retractable) or foot fixation for a child (shoe size 22-36).
  • If the seat of the OPair is not suitable, then it is possible to place an own seat on the bike. Van Raam can provide a receiver adapter for an R82 seating unit.

Child as a passenger on Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

Child as a passenger on the VeloPlus

The VeloPlus allows a child to travel in his/her own wheelchair as a passenger. The VeloPlus is suitable for a manual wheelchair including a passenger weighing up to 140 kg total as standard.

Configure your own wheelchair bike for children

With the online configurator, you can put together your own wheelchair bike for children. This can be done in a few simple steps. You can start with the basic model of the bike and add options. It is also possible to choose an existing configuration. The most popular options are then added to the bicycle, but you can also modify this configuration.

Configure wheelchair bike

Customer experiences of the wheelchair bikes OPair and VeloPlus

Read more about cycling with children with the Van Raam wheelchair bikes in the experiences below:

OPair wheelchair bike

"Grandparents of young Jack, who is non ambulatory, purchased an OPair for Jack's birthday. What a great gift!"

Family of Jack - America

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!"

Claire Huntingdon - Wakefield

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Any further questions?

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