Instructions Silent smart display for Van Raam bicycles

The Silent smart display is used to control the electrical system of your bicycle. This display will be introduced in April 2023. The display consists of two different parts. The information screen on your handlebar with two buttons and the button module close to your handle with four buttons. In this article, we will explain to you the different buttons and functions.

Video: The Silent smart display e-bike pedal assist explained

In this video, we would like to tell you more about the features of the Silent smart display.

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Information screen Silent smart Display Van Raam

The on/off button

You can switch on the system by briefly pressing the on/off button left below the information screen the information screen. Your bike is in position 1 by default. To switch the system off again, press the on/off button for about 2 seconds.


When turning the system on, your lights will automatically come on. Pressing the light button turns the lights off. Read more about how the lighting works through the Van Raam electrical system in the article 'Lighting via the Van Raam electrical system'.

Information screen Silent smart Display Van Raam

Support levels

You can set the desired level of support on a Van Raam bicycle. The electrical system has 3 levels. You can change the support level by using the plus and minus button close to the handle of your bike. 

  • Plus button: Allows you to raise the assistance level by one step to a maximum of assistance level 3.
  • Minus button: Allows you to lower the assistance level by one step to minimum assistance level 1.
The higher the level, the more assistance you get. This also requires more energy from your battery, so you can cycle fewer kilometres. The number of kilometres you can cycle also strongly depends on other factors. Read more about this in the article 'How many kilometers does a Van Raam e-bike battery last?'.

Starting aid

Van Raam's Silent electric system is equipped with a starting aid. This button can be found on the button module at the handle of the bike and can be recognised by the bicycle icon. When you keep this button pressed while cycling away, you get extra support so you don't have to exert as much force yourself when cycling away.

Information screen Silent smart Display Van Raam

Information screen

After starting up the electrical system, the information screen is shown on the Silent smart display. This screen displays current cycling information. Among other things, the speed, remaining battery capacity, active assistance mode are displayed here. At the bottom of the screen are the mode screens, these can be switched using the mode button on the button module.

Mode button

The mode button is the top button on your button module and can be recognised by the dot on it. If you briefly press the mode button on the button module once, you can switch the information shown at the bottom of the display. You can toggle between:

  • Range: this is the estimated range. This is the estimated number of kilometres that can still be cycled. The range depends on many factors so may differ in reality.
  • Trip: The distance you have travelled since the trip counter was last reset. You can reset the trip counter by pressing the mode button for one second when the trip counter is displayed.
  • Total: This is the total number of kilometres you have cycled with the bike while the electro system was switched on.

Change settings

If you want to change settings on your Silent smart display, press and hold the mode and plus button simultaneously for one second. The settings screen will then open. You can adjust the brightness of your screen here and the unit of distance and speed can be set to kilometres or miles.

Van Raam bikes with the Silent smart display

The Silent smart display is optionally available on the following bikes:

Other display?

You may have a different display on your bike from Van Raam. Read more about Van Raam's Silent display in this article: 'Instruction for the Van Raam pedal support system Display'.

Questions about the Silent smart display?

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