How to adjust the seat on the Easy Rider tricycle?

Van Raam is a manufacturer of custom-made bicycles and individual adjustments on your bike are very important you in order to bring the experience of cycling to another level. In the video below we show you how you can easily adjust the seat and backrest of the Easy Rider tricycle for adults yourself.

easy rider tricycle how to adjust seat

An adapted bicycle with adapted seat

The Easy Rider is a robust and stable armchair-tricycle with a low seat position and a luxurious seat/chair. You can adjust the seat individually, which increases the riding comfort and prevents any incorrect positioning of the body.

Adjust the tricycle to the size of the rider before you put it into operation. This is very important, especially for the saddle and steering. If an optimum adjustment is not possible with the instructions given, please contact your dealer to find a suitable solution.

changing position backrest and saddle van raam easy rider

Changing the saddle position

For adjusting the saddle position on the Easy Rider and also Easy Rider Junior tricycle the following principle applies. If the rider is sitting on the tricycle and puts his foot on the pedal, adjust the saddle position so that the legs are stretched but still relaxed in this situation. The most comfortable setting is determined by you in practice.

To adjust the saddle, first loosen the four clamping levers with a few turns. Then push the saddle into the correct position and tighten the clamping levers again. In short, it looks as follows:

  1. to adjust the saddle, loosen the four clamping levers
  2. bring the saddle into the correct position
  3. tighten the clamping lever well again

Changing the position of the backrest

The backrest of the Easy Rider and Easy Rider Junior can also be adjusted to ensure the correct back position.

To do this, loosen the nut with a few turns, using a wrench. Then move the backrest to the desired position and tighten the nut again. In short it looks as follows:

  1. loosen the nut with a wrench.
  2. move the backrest to the desired position.
  3. tighten the nut again
If the levers are in the way of each other, you can pull one lever out and turn it away.

Video: Adjusting the seat on the Easy Rider tricycle

Watch now our video about selling the Easy Rider tricycle seat.

Easy Rider Dreirad from Van Raam

More information about the Easy Rider

On the product page of the Easy Rider tricycle you will find the price list and the instruction manual for this bike. On the product page you will also find user experiences, specifications, photos and videos, and more information about this tricycle.

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Tricycle for kids Easy Rider Junior

Easy Rider Junior tricycle

Also take a look at the smaller version of the Easy Rider, the Easy Rider Junior tricycle. The Easy Rider Junior is specially designed for children, who have trouble with their balance, but it is also suitable for smaller adults. The frame is sprung for optimal comfort. The comfortable forward pedalling motion gives the bike a sporty character. Learn more by clicking on the button.

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