Fun2Go duo bikes for several health care organisations

Many health care organisations use the Fun2Go duo bike as a way of transport for the residents and for the caretakers. The reason? Being able to go out again with the residents! In the autumn of 2019, several Fun2Go duo bikes were donated to health care organisations. Read more in this article.

Health care organisations receive Van Raam duo bike

In the autumn of 2019, a lot of health care organisations in both the Netherlands and Belgium received a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. Many of these organisations use this side-by-side tandem to go out on a nice bike ride with the residents. In this way, they have the opportunity to go into the nature. This way of transportation is more environmentally friendly than with a bus and many residents like to feel the wind in their hair again.

Read more about the side-by-side tandems that the health care organisations are now using below:

Van Raam fun2go duofiets for health care organisation De Zon
Source: HLN. Photo: Henk Deleu

Two side-by-side tandems available for De Zon residential care centre

Since November, the De Zon location at the Kortrijk care facility in Belgium has had two extra duo bikes. De Zon offers health care to people with juvenile dementia. This is a form of dementia that occurs among people under the age of 65. Thanks to the association Het Ventiel and by the company ON Semiconductor, these two side-by-side tandems were made possible. Association Het Ventiel is dedicated to people with juvenile dementia. The founder, Gudrun Callewaert, founded the association after her husband got it himself.
People with juvenile dementia find it difficult to take part in traffic and are not always able to find their way back on their own. The residents with juvenile dementia of De Zon can now cycle together with their partner or family. (Source: HLN)
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Duo bikes for De Zon
“It is important for everyone to be able to keep moving and cycling.” – Gudrun Callewart
Van Raam fun2go duo bike for project cycling fun voerendaal
Source: De Limburger. Photo: ANWB

Project ‘Fietsplezier’ Voerendaal receives €10,000 for a duo bike

In 2019, the Dutch ANWB Fund made €10,000 available per province in the Netherlands for the most beautiful project. Out of more than 231 entries, from which 41 nominees from all provinces emerged, and more than 23,000 votes from the Dutch, winners have emerged. In the province of Limburg, the project Fietsplezier Voerendaal (cycling fun Voerendaal) of the Senso Foundation has won. The amount won will be used for the purchase of a duo bike.
The Senso Foundation is committed to the elderly in Voerendaal by organising activities, such as cycling tours. The average age is 75 and with the help of the duo bicycle, people who are no longer able to cycle independently due to health problems can again cycle under supervision. The bicycle is not only for the foundation, but for the whole community in Voerendaal. (Source: De Limburger)
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Project Fietsplezier receives €10.000
Van raam fun2go duo bike for huntington patiens
Source: De Limburger. Photo: Greep naar de Hoorn

Duo bike donated to Huntington’s patients

Huntington patients of the care organisation Foundation Land van Horne in the province of Limburg can now, thanks to 'Greep op de Hoorn', make use of a duo bicycle with electric pedal assistance. Mrs. Renie van Dungen received the bicycle on behalf of the Foundation. (Source: De Limburger)
Greep naar de Hoorn is an annual fundraising event organised by Stichting Weerter Bedrijven Competitie. Companies compete with each other and the revenues go to a good cause. (Source: Greep naar de Hoorn)
The side-by-side tandem is a great advantage for the care organisation. The bike can be adapted to the individual capabilities of the client. The clients sit next to a guide and can pedal themselves. It is seen as a fun and sporting activity. (Source: De Limburger)
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Duo bike for Huntington patients
“It gives clients an enormous feeling of freedom, independence and self-esteem.” – Renie van den Dungen van Stichting Land van Horne
Van Raam fun2go duo bike for health care organisation Ronald Mc Donald Hoeve
Source and Photo: Drachtster Courant

Side-by-side tandem for Ronald McDonald Hoeve

Every two years the Strúntocht takes place in Drachten, the Netherlands. A winter walk where you will be surprised along the route with music, art, dance, theatre, poetry and more. In 2018 there were 1,700 participants and the proceeds were €25,000. This amount goes to the (disabled) child.
The Ronald McDonald Hoeve has received a duo bike from this proceeds so that families with a care-intensive child can enjoy the landscape and surroundings again. (Source: Drachtster Courant)

Van Raam fun2go duo bike for care farm Goedland
Source: De Puttenaer. Photo: A. Sickmann

Care farm Goedland receives duo bike

The Goedland care farm in Putten had been looking for a side-by-side tandem for a long time for the group of elderly people they care for. It was known that healthcare group Noordwest-Veluwe had a side-by-side tandem which could be taken over by the care farm for a nice amount of money. Thanks to a donation from the Puttense Vereniging Over/Nodig and Stichting Salem, the bicycle could be purchased.
The bike was personally brought to Goedland by the care group where the necessary information about the bike was given. Now that the care farm has the duo bike, it is possible to cycle with the elderly so that they can get more exercise again. (Source: De Puttenaer)

Tips for raising money for a special needs bike

Do you want to buy a duo bike for yourself or your care organization and you don't have the (financial) means to pay for this bike? Check out the article 'Tips for raising money for a special needs bike' or click on the button.

Tips for raising money
Van Raam FunTrain trailer for duo bike
The FunTrain, the Fun2Go duo bike trailer

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The Fun2Go side-by-side tandem is a three-wheel tandem where the users sit next to each other. The fact that the drivers sit next to each other is unique, because with many tandems the drivers sit behind each other. This also applies to the other tandems in the Van Raam range.
There are many options available for the duo bike. In many cases, the bicycles are ordered with Van Raam pedal assistance. With this nearly silent motor it is possible to cycle backwards so you can easily turn for example. It is also possible for the co-driver to be obliged to pedal, to be able to pedal at his own pace or for the co-driver not to have to pedal at all and to have his feet rested on the optional footplate.
Would you like to make a bike tour with more than one co-driver? Then it is possible to connect the duo bike trailer, the FunTrain, to the Fun2Go. In this way you can cycle with three passengers and make a bike tour.
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